Meet The Man Who Has Taken On The Role Of A “Kangaroo Mom” For Baby Orphaned Kangaroos


Chris "Brolga" Barns is champion for kangaroos. Having worked with these cute critters since the late '80s, in 2005 he set up a kangaroo rescue operation in Alice Springs, Central Australia, where he raises orphaned joeys and releases them back into the wild. Once you get a look at these adorable babies, you'll probably agree that he has one of the best jobs in the world. However, there is a tragic side to his job, as well, most of these joeys come to him because their moms have been hit by cars and killed, leaving their babies still alive within their pouches. Barns now has his very own custom built sanctuary, thanks to generous donations from the public, which is currently home to 28 kangaroos and one camel. Here's what Barns has to say about his calling…

“My first experience with an orphan kangaroo joey was in 1989 when I was a 17 year old Zookeeper at Pearl Coast Zoo in Western Australia. Her name was Josie Jo – a beautiful Western Grey joey being raised at the zoo staff quarters where I lived. The adventure of having a joey in the house and helping raise her made me realise that all I wanted to do in life was be the best ‘kangaroo mum’.”

Awww. What a great guy!

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So much cute all in one place! That's it, we're packing up and heading to Australia to work with baby 'roos!

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