Pictures That Tell The Story Of A Night Out Using Barbie And Her Pals


No matter who you are and where you come from, it’s highly likely you’ll be able to relate to these photos. Many of us love going out and socializing however when there’s alcohol involved sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. Take a look at Barbie and her friends who have learned the hard way that keeping a check on their drinking would make them feel so much better the next morning! Let us know in the comments if you can identify with any of these drunken happenings!


Quickly checking Facebook ends up in hours of surfing the web and you haven’t even begun to get ready yet!


Yay! Hair done, makeup on!


You try on about 200 outfits and none look right.


Time for a shot to get the party started!


After one too many shots you feel like you’re the best dancer ever…




Deciding to call Uber…


…even though your friends still aren’t ready!


Then you squeeze as many friends in as possible!


You have even more shots at the club. (Is that really such a good idea?)


It’s bathroom selfie time!


Oops… wardrobe malfunction!


You know that stage of drunkenness when everybody around you looks so great you just have to compliment them?


And you miss your ex so much you just have to text them lots of embarrassing stuff?


Uh oh, you’re starting to notice you don’t look so good.


So you leave the club and need to pee so bad.


And your shoes are so uncomfortable.


When you get home you swear never to drink again… ever!


Then you get randomly emotional about something really weird you’ve not thought about in years.


Ahh snacking makes everything better!

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