Wrap-Around Tree Benches Are A Functional And Beautiful Addition To Your Outdoor Space

There’s nothing more inviting then wrap-around tree benches so you can have a seat and leisurely reconnect with nature. Not to mention, a wooden bench assembled around a tree also adds a romantic touch to your outdoor space. Ideal for gardens, decks, lawns and patios, a tree bench gives a nod to the environment in addition to its aesthetic and functional value.

These tree benches come in various shapes, forms and you have a choice of materials. It’s true that stone and metal tree benches provide a reliable seating area. But if you really want to enjoy the moment in nature, a seating area which is made of wood would be most suitable. Not only does it give you a more comfy seating area but it also gives a natural vibe, making it blend perfectly with the tree.


Wrap-Around Tree Benches

There are many different shapes and designs to choose from. But the most common shapes that are typical of this type of bench are round and hexagonal. Since the tree trunk is round, it only makes sense that a tree bench should be round as well. But adding some angles and opting for a hexagonal shape creates a clean-lined statement for a modern look. Now onto the most challenging part: how do you prefer to assemble the tree bench? Would you take a DIY approach and build it yourself or just buy a pre-made tree bench?


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Octagon Tree Bench

octagon wrap-around tree benches



Hexagon Version With Backrests

hexagon wrap-around tree benches


If you choose to build your own bench, this Etsy shop offers digital plans for hexagon and octagon designs. Both plans in digital format include easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, a complete list of materials, recommended tools and a cutting diagram. The skill level required to complete this project is beginner. So, even newbies in DIY shouldn’t have a problem crafting this. The hexagon version features backrests wrapping around the tree trunk. On the other hand, the octagon version doesn’t have any backrests. Without the backrest, it provides a spacious area on the inner side where you can sit facing the tree.

Not a fan of DIY? Don’t worry because you can just buy pre-made benches online. We’ve found this hexagonal tree bench that comes complete with slightly reclined backrests. It is made of weather-resistant cedar wood with clear lacquer finish. This can fit a maximum tree size of 5.5 feet in circumference.

hexagonal wrap-around tree benches



hexagonal outdoor wooden seating with backrests



hexagonal outdoor wooden seating


Get the hexagonal tree bench here and the digital plan here.


Watch the video below to learn how to build a bench around a tree