Meet “Lucy The Bat Cat” – She’s Gained A Large Following Online Because Of Her Adorable Baby Bat-Like Looks

A cute pet doesn’t always have fluffy, smooth fur. There’s Lucy the Bat Cat to prove that. Lucy is a Sphynx cat, a feline breed known for its lack of fur. But this unique Sphynx kitten is special in her own way. Apart from her hairlessness, Lucy also has a rare condition which makes her look like a baby bat.

Lucy’s owner, Zilla Bergamini, first saw the unusual-looking kitten on a video from a cat breeder. Despite the cat’s uncommon appearance, Zilla instantly fell in love with Lucy at first sight. Unfortunately, the cat breeder informed her that the special kitten was not up for sale because it was sick. As it turned out, Lucy was diagnosed with feline hydrocephalus. This condition is characterized by abnormal enlargement of the brain due to an increased volume of spinal fluid. Her large head and protruding eyes, along with her triangular upright ears, made her look more like a bat.


Meet Lucy the Bat Cat, the Sphynx Kitten With Hydrocephalus

The cat breeder explained to Zilla that cats with this disorder would require intensive care and regular medical treatment. Despite all these, Zilla was still determined to adopt Lucy. Zilla searched for the best veterinarian neurological center in the country and consulted with a vet about Lucy’s condition. This is to ensure that the special needs cat would receive necessary health care once she arrives. Finally, on the 15th of March 2019, the two-month old kitten arrived at her new home in Haifa, Israel.

In the first few days, Zilla became worried with her new pet’s lack of bowel movements. Furthermore, the cat’s corneas seemed to be constantly irritated. She sought medical help from two different vets. Lucy was given an eye drop to alleviate irritation of her corneas. And the cat also began opening her bowels. However, Zilla was concerned when Lucy manifested uncontrollable bowel movements. The cat would practically poop 24/7 for more than 2 weeks straight. So, she have to use tiny nappies to keep her unstoppable bowels from leaking.


This special cat has a rare condition characterized by an enlarged head and protruding eyes, making her look like a baby bat

It was indeed a rough start for both Zilla and Lucy but it only made their bond even stronger. After a few days, the kitten’s irregular bowel movements finally normalized. She later brought Lucy to a vet to get her eyes fixed. After the successful surgery, Lucy the Bat Cat began to show improvement and she no longer required the daily eye drops. Zilla created an Instagram page dedicated to her beloved feline pet in order to showcase her unique appearance. And just like that, Lucy has become an internet star.

Zilla realized that it’s not quite easy to take care of a cat with this medical disorder. Some owners would even opt to euthanize their pets with hydrocephalus to save themselves from costly brain surgeries and expensive medical treatments. But Zilla took this commitment seriously and considered these challenges as a crucial obligation of a responsible owner.

“Every little thing could be a big problem for her because she is more delicate than a ‘normal’ cat, but it isn’t always a death sentence.”, Zilla said.

Here are some of the cutest photos of Lucy the Bat Cat that will prove that being unique is beautiful–HSbg/

Source: Instagram page