These Embroidered Lace Bats Are An Elegant Way To Decorate For Halloween

No Halloween decoration is complete without a spooky bat accent. Glamorize your spooky décor scheme with this embroidered lace bat and turn your home into a Gothic paradise. With its fancy handiwork, this décor accessory can make a charming centerpiece on its own. We’re pretty sure you’ve never seen a spellbinding ornament quite like this one.

This beautifully embroidered lace bat features delicate yet stunning artisanship designed to glorify your wall or anything you place it onto. It is entirely made of black polyester embroidery thread and is handmade using a special stitching process called freestanding lace embroidery. Regular lace is created by sewing the thread onto a fabric. Freestanding lace, on the other hand, is done by sewing the thread on water-soluble stabilizer. When the design is finished, the stabilizer is run under warm water to make it vanish, leaving the self-supporting lace design held together by embroidery threads. Hence, no fabric remains on the finished item.


Embroidered Lace Bat Halloween Decoration

embroidered lace bat

This freestanding embroidered lace features a fabulous silhouette of a bat complete with elaborate design flaunted across its wingspan. It comes with small metal brads to help you hang it on your wall. You can also create an illusion of a flying bat by attaching it to a rope and hanging it from the ceiling or light fixture. Furthermore, the wings are attached with a thin piece of metal that allows you to move the wings.

freestanding lace embroidery halloween decors


embroidered lace bat upside down


embroidered lace bat wall decors


embroidered lace bat with movable wings

This embroidered lace bat measures 3 inches high and 8.25 inches wide. It is sold individually and in a set of 3. You can place more of these luxurious ornaments on your wall to add a touch of elegance to your Halloween decoration. If you have a spooky holiday tree, you can hang these charmers to the branches and watch them make a big difference. And of course, you can also use these lovely accessories to embellish your outfit. Just sew them onto your garment or stick them around your witch’s hat to complete the creepy look. One happy buyer wrote:

“OMG my lace bats are gorgeous, the cutest, prettiest bats ever! I am beyond in love and I will be ordering a lot more of them! Even my daughter who is terrified of bats loves them and wants some!”

bat-shaped garment accessory


bat-shaped curtain decor


embroidery bats halloween decors


freestanding embroidery halloween decors


bat-shaped halloween decors


embroidered lace bat freestanding process

Source: Etsy