You Can Get This Adorable Purple Galaxy Bat Plushie Or The Pattern To Make It Yourself

Move over Rainbow Cat Plush! The Purple Galaxy Bat Plushie is flying to you right from outer space to give you out-of-this-world cuddles. Few animals are as maligned as these nocturnal flying mammals. Deemed in popular culture as evil bloodsucking critters, they’re often associated with darkness, haunted houses, and vampires. These misconceptions consequently made them look terrifying and ugly to some people. But truth be told – bats are misunderstood creatures that are gentle and beautiful.

If you’re one of those who think these winged mammals are creepy or hideous, you might want to check out these adorable photos of bats that we’ve previously compiled here to change your view on them. You only need to look at them closely to understand that they’re not spooky or ugly as people thought they would be. In fact, some people find them irresistibly adorable that they would want to keep them as pets. But no matter how cute they are, bats are wild animals that are not designed to be domesticated. If you really want to have a bat pet, this purple galaxy bat plushie could be your best cuddle buddy.


Purple Galaxy Bat Plushie

purple galaxy bat plushie sewing pattern

Designed by BeeZeeArt studio, this pruple galaxy bat plushie will melt your heart with its cute little face, large ears, and soft wings. But its most breathtaking feature is its wing membrane and ears that exhibit the stellar beauty of the cosmos. The studio’s Etsy shop offers the digital pattern, in PDF format, for this adorable stuffed toy. The digital pattern includes easy-to-follow sewing instructions accompanied by full color photographs, list of required materials and tools, cutting layouts, and sewing tips. Please note that the digital pattern doesn’t include any physical items.


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Once you’ve purchased the sewing pattern, the PDF file will be available for you to download. You can also watch the free video tutorial on YouTube to further guide you through the sewing process. While the pattern’s skill level requires intermediate to advance, some people who actually tried the project claimed that even beginners can do it.


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If you don’t sew but you badly want this cute plush, you’re in luck because we’ve found this Etsy shop offering pre-made purple galaxy bat plushie based on BeeZeeArt’s pattern. You can just buy the stuffed toy and have your very own cuddly companion without the hard work. The adorable plush measures approximately 6 inches tall with a wingspan of 12 inches wide. It is made from minky and cotton and is designed to sit up on its own.

stuffed animal outer space wings


purple galaxy bat plushie stellar wings


stuffed animal outer space ears


purple galaxy bat plushie

Get the pattern here and the finished product here.


Watch the video tutorial below