There’s A Crayola Ice Cream Cake That You Can Fully Decorate Yourself With The Icing And Sprinkles Included

I can tell you about a hundred reasons why I live for ice cream cakes. It’s a great way to end a meal: everyone gets what they want, whether they’re a cake or ice cream person. But the Crayola ice cream cake is a definite game change. This ice cream cake packs premium ice cream goodness and a collection of colorful garnishes which you get to use any way you want!

This fun-tastic cake came about thanks to Crayola’s collaboration with Friendly’s. However, it’s not exactly new. In fact, this cake actually debuted way back in April 2015. Which means we’ve been sleeping on it for far too long and it deserves better! This tasty art project is supposedly “limited edition”, which usually means that it’ll only be available for a while. But Friendly’s hasn’t discontinued it yet, so it might be safe to let it become a part of your birthday party traditions.

Friendly's Crayola Ice Cream Cake in box


The Crayola Ice Cream Cake is a fun food item to have at parties

Kid’s parties are especially challenging to plan. Combining sugar-loaded goodies and children is almost always a recipe for chaos (well, for the grown-ups, anyway). But you may have a fighting chance of keeping chaos at bay with this cake! This artsy cake features two classic, contrasting ice cream flavors: vanilla and chocolate. The two ice cream flavors are separated by a generous layer of crunchy chocolate pieces. Its surface has been left undercoated, as that part is entirely up to you and your friends!

The decorative elements of the cake are playful and vibrant, like the crayons. There are two icing choices that even have their own Crayola-esque names: Radical Red and Denim Blue! Friendly’s has also added green and yellow sprinkles and rainbow confetti to the mix. These colorful garnishes will definitely bring out the artist in everyone!

crayola ice cream cake box side


It’s the perfect sleepover, birthday and get-together ice cream cake for kids and kids at heart


Make your own, one-of-a-kind cake


Whether you’re hosting a party with all your kid’s friends or yours, you’ll probably only need one Crayola cake. Because this 60-ounce ice cream cake serves around 12 to 15 people. I personally love that it comes in a box reminiscent of the classic Crayola crayons box. You can order it online for $17.99 at Target. It’s also available at Meijer, Friendly’s restaurants, and other retailers.

Feature image source: junkfoodadventures