“Bandit” A Dog With Special Needs Was Returned 4 Times But Finally Gets Adopted By A Family Who Totally Relates With Him

We often hear people say that third time’s the charm. However, it was a slightly different case for our furry friend Bandit. It took four attempts before this special needs dog finally found his new forever home. But it was all worth it. Because now, he lives with a loving family who totally understands his needs and truly cares for him.

Just like any other stray animal, Bandit didn’t have it easy. And he did go through a particularly rough road in his journey to find his forever home. He was first taken to the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter, then transferred to the Gwinnett Jail. It has a special program that gives jail inmates an opportunity to provide foster care and basic training to strays to prepare them for adoption.

Special Needs Dog Named Bandit


Bandit Taken In by Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program

Unfortunately, Bandit had to undergo serious treatment due to his heartworms. What’s even sadder is that he was left permanently paralyzed from waist below after the treatment. Luckily, the right family came along just when he needed it the most. Darrell Rider along with his wife Sue read about Bandit’s story on Facebook. Despite learning about his special needs, the couple didn’t hesitate to take him in.


For a dog with special needs, what Bandit truly longs for is a family who will accept and love him for what he is

Darrell and Sue Rider with Dog Bandit


Special Needs Dog on a Wheelchair

It turns out that Darrell happens to be in a wheelchair too. So, the couple knows exactly what Bandit needs and how to take care of him.

“The most intriguing part of Bandit is that he and I share the same type of paralysis and use a wheelchair to get around. Because Sue and I know what it’s like for life in a wheelchair, we knew what was needed for Bandit. We also felt a much deeper connection.”

Darrell Rider and Dog Bandit


Darrell Rider with Dog Bandit


It didn’t take him long to settle in perfectly with his new family

“Bandit is doing great and has settled in better than we could have imagined with his new family and surroundings. We as his family couldn’t be happier to have Bandit in our lives.”

Dog Bandit inside Car


Darrell Rider Sleeping on Couch with Dog Bandit


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