Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies Now Come In A Birthday Cake Flavor

Never did we think that a day would come when cookies would be made to taste like cake. And we believe Keebler just started a new trend by packing all the goodness of a birthday cake in a single cookie chip. Now, we don’t need to wait for our birthdays to get a taste of birthday cakes. In fact, this treat would make us feel like it’s our birthday every day.

The new Chips Deluxe Birthday Cake flavor features the classic cookie filled with milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. So, every cookie brings all the goodness and the festive vibe of birthday cakes. What’s not to love about these?


Keebler Chips Deluxe Birthday Cake Cookies

This limited edition Birthday Cake cookies are expected to hit shelves in August 2020. You will be able to find them at major retailers including Walmart and Target. So, mark your calendars and keep your eyes peels for them in the snack aisle.

Birthday cake in a cookie form sure sounds fun. And let us remind that these birthday cake cookies will only be around for a limited time. So, get ready to hunt them down in stores come August. But if you can’t wait that long to get your fix of birthday cakes then you may want to try this birthday cake-flavored mini donuts or the Kit Kat Birthday Cake flavor. These would keep our cravings at bay while we wait for the Birthday Cake cookies to arrive.