TastyKake’s Birthday Cake-Flavored Mini Donuts Are Back

What do you always look forward to on your birthday or when it’s someone else’s birthday? Cake! But if you’d rather skip that awkward moment of singing (or being sung to) to get that tasty slice of cake, then you’ll love TastyKake’s Birthday Cake-flavored Mini Donuts. These tasty treats won’t have you dealing with messy, sticky icing (even though we love it!) and they will let you indulge in your birthday cake craving one ring at a time.

Tastykake first introduced the birthday cake donuts back in 2017. At the time, the treats were released alongside the brand’s Blueberry Mini Donuts, so snackers had two reasons to celebrate. Ever since then, these donuts have graced store shelves every summer as a limited release. This year is no different, as the donuts are back, in all the festive glory.






Satisfy your cake cravings without the fuss with TastyKake’s Birthday Cake-Flavored Mini Donuts

“Featuring a birthday cake-flavored donut covered in festive colored crunch, these sweets will give you something to celebrate.”

The donuts are a limited edition offering. And that’s not the only thing TastyKake has been consistent with. The birthday cake donuts continue to come with a yellow cake-like donut covered in a rainbow of crunchy sprinkle candies. Visually, the donuts are a spectacle, mostly because of the colorful candies covering the donut’s surface.





This limited edition treat is available in 11.5-ounce bags starting from $2.99 up to $3.49 until August 20th. You can grab these in stores that carry TastyKake treats on their shelves or you can also opt to order it online through Instacart. Either way, you’d better stock up on these donuts. You’ll never really know when your sweet tooth’s going to crave it! (Or when you’ll need an emergency birthday treat for someone!)