Kellogg’s Has Birthday Cake Waffles That’s Made With Yellow Cake And Topped With Sprinkles

Kellogg’s is encouraging us to begin each morning with a party with its new Birthday Cake Waffles. It’s like having a dessert for breakfast and we couldn’t ask for more. Plus, who wouldn’t want to feel like it’s their birthday every day?

The Birthday Cake flavor is one of the latest offerings from Kellogg’s. It was recently launched alongside two new exciting flavors including the Unicorn (cotton candy) and Mermaid (blue raspberry) Waffles. This party-themed breakfast treat is made with yellow cake and comes with rainbow sprinkles to make it look like a real birthday cake. Just pop these frozen waffles in the oven or toaster, top it with whipped cream and finish it off with fun-filled colorful sprinkles.


Kellogg’s Birthday Cake Waffles

kelloggs birthday cake waffles


The new waffles come in a 11.6-0z box containing 6 waffle pieces. Together with the other new flavors, the pink boxes have been spotted in major retailers including Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway, Vons and more. So, make sure to check the freezer aisle on your next trip to the store.




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I stroll down the frozen breakfast aisle daily expecting to see my long lost love Kellogg’s Confetti Waffles or the new pancakes to make an appearance. Sadly my chubby little heart is let down everytime?.. @kelloggsus is making up for one sad Markie, with the new Birthday Cake Waffles followed by an exciting new Mermaid Waffle. The B-day cake packaging states it’s yellow cake with rainbow sprinkles(YUM). The Mermaid description states a blue raspberry flavor(HECK YEA).??????? This is the 2020 waffle gift we all needed (considering). Breakfast is about to be a party once again??????? These both were spotted @safeway . I reached out to @kelloggsus to find out where else we can purchase them at. Stay tuned for an update? Thank you to the fellow Chubster who sent in this fantastic image?

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Moreover, you’ll be glad to know that these three new flavors are permanent editions. So, we’re likely to find these goodies in our nearest stores sooner or later. Be patient. It’s just a matter of time before we can wake up to a fun and festive breakfast.