Birthday Cake Pebbles Cereal Is Coming To Stores In 2021

How about starting the day with a celebration? Post Consumer Brands is releasing the Birthday Cake Pebbles Cereal. And you know what this means. We can feel like we are celebrating our birthday every morning.

Birthday cake-flavored treats are becoming the latest food craze right now. Earlier this year, Kit Kat launched its birthday cake-flavored bar. Pillsbury and Keebler joined in and released their birthday cake-flavored brownies and cookies respectively. Even Kellogg’s decided to incorporate the trending flavor into their waffles. Just when we thought we’re done with the fad, Post Consumer Brands came up with the great news that it will be releasing the Birthday Cake Cereal.


The New Birthday Cake Pebbles Cereal Is Coming Soon



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The cereal brand hasn’t given an official date for the release. But the upcoming cereal will be launched in conjunction with the brand’s 50th birthday which will happen in 2021. Of course, the cereal brand will be launching new exciting offers once 2021 kicks in. And we have a feeling that the celebration is going to start early with this new flavor. Nothing could be more fitting for the occasion.

Instagram account @markie_devo was the first to give us a glimpse of the Birthday Cake Cereal. It comes in a blue box featuring Fred Flintstone cheerfully holding a slice of birthday cake. It does have a tag that reads ‘coming soon’ along with the announcement of the brand’s 50th birthday. We’re not sure what the cereal looks like as the post only shows a photo of the packaging. Will it have the usual pebble-shaped puffs in various colors? That’s definitely something to look forward to.