Shocking Secrets That Married People Have Withheld From Their Partners

Many people would agree that honesty is a huge part of a successful relationship, and the same applies to marriage. Without it, particularly when a person has been dishonest, trust can break down which can be awfully hard to rebuild, therefore destroying some relationships. Of course, everyone has little things that they keep to themselves and don’t want to share, but there are those who hide betrayals that their partners would be heartbroken to hear. Take a look below to read a shocking list of secrets that married people have kept from their spouses!
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Should he know? The past is the past, as long as you haven’t lied…

Isn’t it interesting how some people feel comfortable something like this on the internet but not to the people closest to them? No insult intended…

Shopping can be a serious addiction.

She should have been involved in this decision. 

This is terrible and cruel.

That’s great that you love your daughter so much but we think the wife should be confronted about her infidelity… 

Accidents happen and it seems that the son is doing wonderfully, let it go.

We have no time for cheaters!

We hope this person has support.

Wrong on both sides. The wife clearly has no trust for her husband and the husband is presumably doing things he shouldn’t.

It’s never too late to be honest!

This makes us so angry. This should have been a joint decision. 

This is quite funny! No harm though.

If she’s just a best friend, why the need for secrecy? 

We are in awe at some of these images. It’s crazy how many people are sadly very clueless when it comes to really knowing the person they are with. It wouldn’t surprise us if many of these marriages ended up in divorce. However, some people are scarily good at making sure secrets stay hidden. We urge to you always be open and honest with your partners to maintain a happy and healthy relationship! Keep going to see more shocking things people have kept from their significant others!

Gambling addiction isn’t a joke.

Just be honest! Give constructive criticism, life is too short to be miserable.

A problem shared is a problem halved. And, he has a right to know.

The life of a committed foodie can be hard for others to understand…

We bet this happens an awful lot!

This is sad.

This is horribly out of order. If she finds out she may never be able to like her daughter’s name!

It would probably hurt her to know.

Marriage means standing by each other always!

It’s sounds like a nice tribute that the wife shouldn’t be annoyed with but the fact it’s a NEW tattoo, completed after marriage could be seen as strange.

It’s your body and your choice but to hide the decision from your partner seems really wrong.

You should feel bad!