Kellogg’s Has Released New Birthday Cake Waffles That Are Made Of Yellow Cake And Have Sprinkles

Our favorite food brands have blurred the lines between breakfast and dessert a long time ago. Kellogg’s, for one, has certainly contributed plenty of these sweet innovations, because of their constant re-invention of our beloved breakfast staples. But if you’re not particularly partial to a bowl of fruity cereal, you can always opt for some Eggo Waffles. And over the years, they’ve certainly served us some mouthwatering flavors, like the Salted Caramel Waffles. And now, those hoping to start their favorite personal holiday a.k.a their birthday with something special can now do so with the new Birthday Cake Waffles!

Of course, having leftover cake for breakfast after your birthday is fun. But a plate of waffles is also an equally tempting option any morning. Sometimes it can get so hard to choose what you want for breakfast with all the possibilities! So it’s absolutely delightful that Kellogg’s finally got around to combining these two tasty treats so we can finally get the best of both worlds. Our inner child is leaping with joy, we assure you.

kellogg's birthday cake waffles front


kellogg's birthday cake waffles


You can now start your favorite personal holiday with Kellogg’s Birthday Cake Waffles

The waffles comprises of yellow cake embedded with rainbow sprinkles. Kellogg’s reportedly released it alongside the Unicorn Waffles and Mermaid Waffles. These two fantasy-themed waffle offerings offer candy flavors like blue raspberry and cotton candy. On the other hand, the birthday cake variety offers a more familiar flavor profile. Instagram snack reviewers @melzchris have already gotten their hands on the treat. And after putting the three new flavors to the test, they concluded that the birthday cake-flavored variety was the least sweet option. So if you’re looking to start your special day with something nice but not too sugary, then these are your best bet!

Curiously enough, Kellogg’s hasn’t made an official announcement about their new waffle lineup yet. However, more and more folks are spotting these perfect breakfast party items in their local supermarket’s freezer aisles. It’s also already listed on Walmart’s website even though it’s available for in-store purchase only. A single 330g box retails for $2.69, and will contain 6 thick waffles. It’s also worth noting that Kellogg’s hasn’t indicated that this particular offering is a limited edition too. This is definitely a good thing, because that means we can make everyone’s birthday breakfasts way more fun!