Acts Of Revenge That Will Fill You With Immense Satisfaction

How much you crave revenge depends on what kind of person you are. Some people are really good at taking the high ground and letting things go. But, others can’t think of anything worse than someone getting away with doing something wrong without consequences! Although we all have different opinions, it’s fairly easy to use common sense to gauge whether someone deserved justice being exacted upon them. Here we have some acts of revenge that will fill you with immense satisfaction. Take a look! 

Ex’s that damage other people’s property might feel better but ultimately they are risking getting in huge trouble. An option like below is still satisfying without any damage. Not that we are recommending tampering with anyone’s possessions! 

car wrapped in film

What do people who leave their dogs in their cars deserve? We think the below image is a good start. 

dog pooing in car

This is well worth the read. We wonder how long the ex wife was unaware for? Update please! 

ex controlling thermostat revenge stories

Some people are just so rude. Pay for your own damn subscription! This person played things well. 

ex with netflix password revenge stories

What baffles us is why anyone who doesn’t care enough about their partner to not cheat on them would go ahead and commit to having a matching tattoo with said partner… 

revenge stories boyfriend cheat matching tattoos

We can just imagine the facial expression of the culprit as they read this note! 

revenge stories breast milk coffee creamer

This was the aftermath of a wife being called a ‘sandwich maker’. Come on, if someone is nice enough to make you sandwiches, you should know not to offend them! 

revenge stories called wife sandwich maker

We have to say, we really do admire the creativity and dedication some of the people in these photos have shown. Admittedly, some of these acts of revenge have taken a somewhat long term commitment but it looks like the satisfaction made it worthwhile! Don’t get us wrong though, we still have a huge appreciation for the short and sweet examples! 

People who have no consideration of others when it comes to parking deserve this to happen to them. 

revenge stories car blocked in by buses

Some people really do have no shame. Why be in a serious relationship if you want to act single?

revenge stories card with house key

The two betrayers in this tale definitely got the burn they deserved. 

revenge stories cheating husband condoms in hot sauce

We think the second prank may have been the better one. On a side note, this is a great way to make your partner become paranoid! 

revenge stories couples prank

How to handle a scammer! This is genius! 

revenge stories craiglist scammer pool table

People that dump their rubbish like this and get caught should have to pay huge fines. We’re glad that the dumper got a small piece of justice thrown their way, at least. 

revenge stories dumping rubbish on dumper

Whilst we don’t disagree that the generic ‘whatever’ answer can be annoying, an empty box given to a hungry person will not end well! 

revenge stories empty box with whatever on it

If you’re the vengeful type, there’s some really good examples here on how to take action and administer some stone cold revenge. Hopefully the culprits in these images learnt their lessons! Sometimes people need a simple reminder to be a courteous human being! 

People that cause inconveniences like this should get the same thrown back at them but even worse! 

revenge stories garbage men block car in

We salute this woman. How outrageous of her family to behave like this! 

revenge stories grandma spending all her money

This employee did everything right. The difficult, pain in the backside customer got what she deserved! 

revenge stories heart problems liar

‘Was it revenge for the braids’? If only we knew! 

revenge stories horse spat in shoes

Slating someone for being intelligent doesn’t often end well…

revenge stories i dont plan on being a pimp

How to get back at your homophobic father for having a go at you and your girlfriend for being gay…

revenge stories im so gay i cant even drive straight

You should always treat your employees fairly and with respect. You never know how much treating them badly could cost you down the line! 

revenge stories jukebox wireless play

Always remember if you are getting your revenge on someone to protect yourself. There’s no point punishing someone else if you’re only going to get yourself in worse trouble. You have to be rational, smart and cautious as to what route to take. It can be hard to bear these things in mind when you are angry but slow and steady often wins the race! 

Polo may have needed some water to cool off that burn… 

revenge stories myspacetom tweet comeback

We’re hoping that by the fact this has been photographed the boyfriend found out about his cheating girlfriend…

revenge stories note under toilet seat girl cheating

How people behave like this is beyond us. People need to wait their turn and not be so rude and selfish! 

revenge stories removed clothes mid wash

This person thought outside of the box… 

revenge stories slashed the spare tire

A guy kicked a stray dog that was lying in his parking space. So, the dog gathered some buddies and came back to the guy’s car and started to attack it. Good for the dogs we say! 

revenge stories stray dogs attack car

We’re sure that this guy received more than a few negatives messages after this… 

revenge stories wife altered profile

Smart car is not happy. Smart car will exact its revenge. Smart car is not to be underestimated! 

smart car blocking other car in