50 Funny Neighbors Who Made The Neighborhood A Little Less Dull

Unless you live on an isolated island, you’ve probably had to deal with neighbors to some extent. If you’re lucky, you might live next to some funny neighbors who can make the neighborhood more interesting. But you might also get stuck in a neighborhood full of ‘neighbors from hell’, if you’re unlucky. Well, some people would prefer to live in an exciting neighborhood than a boring one, unless you really want to live a quiet, solitary life.

For these people, having some funny neighbors around makes their daily lives more entertaining. While many of us have to deal with loud, untidy and rude neighbors, these people are fortunate to live next to neighbors with great sense of humor. And we can’t help but wish to be in the same neighborhood as them.


Funny Neighbors You’ll Love To Live Next To

hilarious warning sign cat bad habit

So, where there are neighbors, there’s always disputes. But before the issue goes out of hand, it can be resolved with level-headed communication. If you have a problem with them, paying them a visit or a simple over-the-fence chat should resolve the conflict. This is why good communication is necessary in building a harmonious relationship with the neighborhood. If you’re having some troubles in dealing with your neighbors, you can take a hint or two from these funny neighbors who handled situations in the most hilarious ways.


“I Adopted The Neighborhood Stray Cat. My Neighbor’s Cat Got Her Pregnant. Woke Up To This”

funny neighbours cat child support


“Neighbors Left Their Sprinklers On Overnight. It Dipped Below Freezing. Now They Have A Narnia Yard”

sprinklers left overnight narnia yard


“This Is Carter. He Knocked On My Door To Ask If He Could Have A Banana Then Left”

funny neighbours kid asks for banana

From witty neighbours who made everyone giggle with their shenanigans to weird neighbours who left everyone in utter confusion, we’ve compiled a list of funny neighbours that will make you want to move out of a boring neighbourhood.


So, Let’s Take A Look At Some Photos From Neighbourhoods That Will Make You Laugh


“Our Fire Station Is Next Door To The Police Department. Pranks Ensue”

free donuts police prank


“Top: My Apartment’s Balcony (2 Guys). Bottom: Our Neighbor’s Balcony (2 Girls)”

guys vs girls balcony


“My Sister And Her Husband Live In A Small Town, They Came Home To This Note On Their Door”

funny neighbours note bathroom frosty glass


“It’s 3 A.M. And My Neighbor Is Having A Meeting With Watermelons”

man meeting with watermelons


“My Neighbor Has A Turbine With A Bad Bearing…It’s Obnoxiously Loud… He Went To Go Check It Out Because It’s Been Real Quiet Lately…”

loud turbine stopped by an arrow


“Google Maps Level Neighbor Feud”

google maps neighbor feud


“When You Receive A Complaint From Your Neighbors, It’s Important That You Do Your Best To Resolve It”

funny neighbours dandelion problem solved


“Was Having A Super Bad Day… Then I Looked In My Neighbors Yard”

dog with a pack of toilet papers


“My Neighbours Walk Their Parrots”

funny neighbours walking their parrots


“My Sister Sent Me This Pic Of A Trash Panda Hanging Out In Her Neighbor’s Gutter”

trash panda chilling in the gutter


This Neighbour Has A Good Sense Of Humor

look bob i painted my fence


“My A**hole Neighbor Freezes One Snowball To Throw At Me In Mid July. I Say This Summer, It’s Game On”

preparing for snowball fight


“My Neighbors’ Mailbox Is A Microwave”

funny neighbours microwave mailbox


“So My Friend Found This In Her New Neighbor’s Front Yard”

creepy dolls front yard


“Last Week I Put A Piece Of Tape On My Bin Lid To Fix A Crack. My 92-Year-Old Neighbor Obviously Thought We Were Labelling Our Bins With Our Unit Numbers”

trash bin number labels


“Friend Saw This On A Dorm Door. Which One Of You Did This?”

neighbor dispute notes smelly vents


“My Neighbors Said They Would Be Filming A ‘Movie’. Not Really What I Had In Mind”

neighbor filiming a movie


“I Tried Gesturing To My 93 Year Old Non-english Speaking Neighbor To Get A Scarecrow, The Next Day He Put This Up”

funny neighbours scarecrow zombie


“Casually Leaning On The Fence Having A Look Over At Next Door…”

dog leaning over the fence


“The Neighbors Decorated Their Lawn Penis Again”

funny neighbours lawn penis decor


“So My Neighbors Have Been Communicating”

funny neighbours wifi communication


“My Neighbor Left Some Notes For The Maintenance Guy”

note for the maintenance guy


“My Neighbor Is A Tractor Enthusiast. He Drives Kids Around The Neighborhood To Catch Pokemon And Visit Pokestops”

funny neighbours tractor and pokemon enthusiast


Some neighbours like to give people a little fright to! This one is perfect for Halloween.


“My A**hole Of A Neighbour Leaves This In His Window To Scare Passers-By”

funny neighbours spooky face on the window


“My Mormon Neighbour’s Door Across The Hall. I’m So Going To Hell For This”

jesus googly eyes


“How To Stop Your Neighbours From Hitting Their Balls Against Your Wall”

window protection against balls


“Next Door Has A New Kitten. We Have Rabbits”

lawn war kitten vs rabbits


“My Neighbours Made Their Balcony Into A Pirate Ship”

funny neighbours pirate ship balcony


“My Neighbors Are Weird”

funny neighbours birthday greeting pun


“I Always Find Things The Kids Next Door Always Toss In My Backyard. Then This Morning…”

kids next door prank thor hammer


“My Neighbor Brought Us A Plate Of Christmas Cookies. After Eating The Whole Plate, We Found This On The Bottom”

plate not for food use


“My Best Friend’s Little Brother Received This Today. Friendly Neighbors Are The Best Neighbors”

considerate neighbor letter with free condoms


“For The Past Two Days, My Neighbor Has An Agave Plant In His Truck. He’s Been Watering It And Everything. I Haven’t Had The Courage To Ask Him Why Yet”

funny neighbours agave plant in the truck


“Saw This Is My Neighbors Yard Today”

hilarious birthday posters on the yard


“My Neighbour Always Make Me Feel Welcome”

hilarious doormat not you again


“Nana Sent Me A Picture Of Her Neighbour’s Alpaca Humping Their New Stag Sculpture”

alpaca humping a stag statue


While Some Get Themselves Into Hilarious And Embarrassing Situations!


“My Friends Neighbour Got Drunk”

man drunk on the roof


“The Line Separating My Neighbors Properties Makes The Difference Between Fall And Winter”

fall and winter line


“My Neighbors Didn’t Take Down Their Halloween Decorations, But They’ve Been Adjusting Them For Each Holiday”

funny neighbours halloween decors in season


“Came Home From Work And Found This At My Door”

letter and jello shots from upstairs neighbor


“Lived Here For 3 Years And Never Noticed This In My Neighbour’s Garden Until Today”

neighbor doctor who police box


“Neighbor Has A Giant Godzilla Statue In His Yard”

neighbor giant godzilla statue


“My Neighbor’s Home Security System”

funny neighbours the rock home security system


“My dad hates our neighbour so much that he’s installing one way mirrors facing his house. The main point of it is because he likes to turn on flood lights that beam through our windows at night. So the one way mirrors bounce it back, and retain the darkness inside our house.”

one way mirror window bounces back light


“Yesterday My Neighbour Decided Enough Was Enough”

no sign at the door


“Mom Looked Out The Window And Saw Her Neighbours Dog Sitting Like This”

neighbor dog sitting on a bench

So, which funny photo is your favorite? Do you have any hilarious stories about your neighbours? Let us know!