These Cat Paw Cups Are Purrfect For Cat Lovers

Aside from their feisty attitude, another distinct feature that ultimately sets cats apart from other animals are their delicate paws. Sorry, dog lovers, but there’s just something so mesmerizing about these fluffy claws. And if you, too, just can’t get enough of this charming feline feature, then you definitely need these cute cat paw cups in your life!

These adorable cups are definitely a must-have for any feline owner and lover out there. Not only do they come in the shape of a chubby paw, but they also come complete with coat patterns that will surely remind you of your furry friend.

cat paw cups design variants


different cat paw cups for different drinks


These cute cat paw cups are the purrfect addition to any feline lover’s collection

drinking glasses patterned after feline claws


feline claw drinking glass design variants

There are three designs to choose from. There’s one that resembles an orange tabby’s stripes. Then there’s another that features black spots that are almost identical to that of “tuxedo” cats. Lastly, there’s also one with a combination of brown and black spots. On top of that, each cup comes with a paw print at the bottom for extra cuteness!

drinking glass set inspired by feline claw


cat paw print at the bottom of cup

Made of heat-resistant frosted glass, these cups also exhibit excellent insulating properties. So, they’re purrfect for serving both hot and cold drinks—be it water, juice, milk, coffee and even booze. However, do keep in mind that they’re not microwave and dishwasher safe.

drinks served in cat paw cups


milk being poured into feline claw drinking glass

Each cup has a capacity of 300ml and measures 4.4″ tall, 2.9″ in diameter at the brim and 1.8″ in diameter across the bottom. Aside from using them for your drinks, you can also use them as pen holders and water cups for painting.

cat paw cup dimensions


cat paw cups used for paint water


feline drinking from feline claw glass

Regardless of how you end up using these cups, one thing’s for sure. They’ll make a great addition to your collection of cat-themed kitchen items, including these knitted coasters and ceramic plates. And while you can purchase them individually, we would still strongly suggest getting them in packs of three. After all, having a bit of variety is always a good idea.

feline claw drinking glass set


paw cups tiger and cat variants


feline claw drinking glasses


cups inspired by cat paws

One happy customer wrote:

“These are so cute! I wish they came in a group of four, but I don’t mind buying another set of three to have a total of six. They look exactly as they do in the pictures.”

Source: Amazon