An ‘IT’ Balloon Lamp Exists And It’s The Perfect Gift For Any Pennywise Fan

As kids, we used to love clowns and balloons. But thanks to the iconic horror movie “It”, we’ll never see clowns and red balloons the same way again. You can now spread the terror with this Pennywise Balloon Lamp. If you are particularly fond of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, this spooky lamp might be the one for you. Online retailer Firebox will make your nightmare come alive with its Pennywise Balloon Lamp that features the exact replica of the evil clown’s emblem.

firebox it pennywise balloon lamp

This lamp may look like a regular balloon-shaped light fixture at first. But in the dark, the Pennywise Balloon Lamp gives off an eerie red glow. It will instantly remind you of the scene where innocent kids are lured into their untimely demise by a drifting balloon . Of course, rest assured that this spooky lamp doesn’t include the terrorizing clown. Nor does it produce a clown-shaped shadow. But should you happen to feel the presence of the evil entity, you better run for your life.

pennywise balloon lamp red


pennywise balloon lamp replica

Just in time for the release of It Chapter Two, the Pennywise Balloon Lamp allows you to pay homage to Stephen King’s most fearsome creation. This will surely add a spine-chilling twist to your usual home décor. Surprisingly, the name ‘Pennywise’ pretty much sums it all up. Aside from its spookiness, this balloon lamp is also incredibly affordable. So, you are sure to spend every penny wisely.

it movie pennywise clown red balloon


pennywise balloon lamp usb cable


pennywise balloon lamp power switch

You can get the Pennywise Balloon Lamp here. It measures 34 cm tall and is powered by a USB cable (included). Also, it features a curled stand that resembles a balloon string. You can find the on/off switch at the base of the balloon. Invite your friends over for a watch party, turn the lights off, switch on this spooky lamp, and play a scary movie. Let’s see how far you can go in a ghostly ambiance.