This Lightsaber Umbrella Uses “The Force” To Help Keep You Dry From Rain

When rain falls, umbrellas bloom. They come in every color, design, and size. Many of us prefer to tote one that can reflect their personality. And now, Star Wars fans can show off their love for the franchise in style with this lightsaber umbrella! This luminescent rain gear is any Jedi or Sith’s (whichever side you identify with) perfect defense against the pelting rain!

You don’t have to be a fan of the franchise to know about their signature weapon. It’s one of the most recognizable fictional weapons in the world. In fact, we’re pretty sure that almost everyone, at some point in their youth, has pretended to wield one. And while you can get yourself a realistic lightsaber replica, it would be much better to get it in a form that you can use, right?

creative image of darth vader holding the lightsaber umbrella


Light up any gloomy rainy night with the lightsaber umbrella

Of course, this isn’t the first umbrella to be based off of the legendary sci-fi franchise. But none of them can probably match up against BESTKEE’s lightsaber umbrella. This awesome umbrella’s pole features LED lights, which will allow you to stand out in any rainy evening crowd. According to the product page, you can choose from red, green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, and white as your umbrella pole’s LED light color. All you’ll need to make it light up are three AAA batteries! But that’s not all!

In addition to having a pole that literally lights up, this geeky rain protection gear also features a flashlight at the tip of its handle. This nifty addition is definitely convenient, as you will no longer have to struggle to hold all your things together while walking under the rain. And speaking of holding things – this lightsaber umbrella comes with a shoulder strap, so you won’t have to keep holding it when you’re out and about!

man holding blue lightsaber umbrella


This lightsaber-inspired umbrella comes in 7 flashing LED light colors and a flashlight on the handle’s tip

lightsaber umbrella with sample color choices


7 flashing illuminations


To activate its awesome features, you’ll need to use some batteries

battery compartment at umbrella handle

lightsaber umbrella specifications


It can protect two or more people from the rain


umbrella measurements and shoulder strap


And it’s super convenient to carry


bestkee lightsaber-inspired umbrella carried on user's back


Star Wars fans and non-fans are loving this umbrella designed like a lightsaber


Over a thousand people have already ordered this awesome umbrella. And they’re all raving about it. This will surely make an unbeatable gift for that Star Wars fan in your life. There’s still a lot of lightsaber umbrellas available on Amazon, so you’d better check it out quick before the Galactic Empire hoards them all.

However, if for some reason you find yourself dissatisfied with your purchase, BESTKEE offers a 90-day, worry-free money back guarantee. But judging from the glowing reviews, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find any reason to want to return it.

Source: Amazon