Turn Your Keyboard Into A KFC Meal

Admit it, nothing keeps you more motivated in life than yummy food. If you ever need a boost of motivation to finish up some office work, these KFC chicken combo keycaps are sure to kick up your appetite for work. These miniature handmade resin keys look just like our favorite fast-food set meal. The set consists of tiny versions of chicken bucket, French fries, mashed potatoes, cookies, and soft drink. Switch any keys with these artisan keys to spice up your boring keyboard.

These KFC chicken combo key caps are handmade from resin in 5 different designs that you can buy individually or as a set. Please note that these artisan keys are only compatible for mechanical keyboards with cross-shaped switches. This type of keyboard has removable key caps that can be easily detached and snapped back onto the stem. So, you can easily replace any keys of your choice with these food-shaped alternatives.


KFC Chicken Combo Key caps

kfc chicken combo keycaps

Each miniature replica comes on a raised key cap which is available in 3 different colors – white, black, and red. Especially designed for KFC fans, these chicken combo key caps should give your workspace a delectable makeover. They also make a perfect gift for your office mates or the foodies in your life. One happy buyer wrote:

“These are sooo fun! I never thought about making a KFC [key]board but after seeing and buying these, I’m planning one now.”

kfc chicken combo keycaps set


kfc chicken combo keycaps bucket


mashed potatoes red key


french fries red key


kfc chicken combo keycaps softdrink


cookies-shaped red key


artisan resin food replica keys


kfc chicken combo keycaps bucket pack


fastfood-inspired keys for mechanical keyboard


food-inspired keys mechanical switches


kfc chicken combo keycaps mechanical keyboard

Source: Etsy