Clever Inventions Made By Kids That Left Everyone Amazed

It’s no secret that kids can be annoying at times. As they grow and learn how the world works, it can be an interesting process. However, it’s pretty amazing to see children blossom and explore with different things! Here we have some clever inventions made by kids that left the people around them pretty amazed. The creativity and innovation shown here is wonderfully impressive!

Clever Things Made By Kids

How to make allergy season slightly more bearable… 

No kite? No problem. All you need is a fishing rod and a helium filled balloon! 

The kid inventor behind this is definitely going places in life! 

How to make sure your book doesn’t fall in to your bathtub! 

You are looking at a DIY home movie theater… 

‘I’m not in the rain’… 

In need of an iPad stand? Lego does the job brilliantly! 

This boy keeps track of NASCAR in a simple but clever way! 

How to boost your phone’s volume… 

What a great idea. Safety is so important! 

For a hands free experience, all you need is a transparent table. 

This spoon clip creation ensures that your spoon will never slip into your cereal again! 

A top hat made out of Pokemon cards. Awesome! 

Losing valuable gaming time is such a waste. This girl doesn’t even have to stop for a drink with her pouch invention!