Amusing And Relatable Tweets About Office Life

The majority of you reading this will have accepted the fact that a huge portion of your life will be spent working. Furthermore, a large amount of that portion will work in an office environment. As with many job locations, this comes with its pros and its cons for you to deal with. Here we have a collection of amusing and relatable tweets about office life that you’re sure to identify with! If you’re reading this whilst sitting in your office, we hope that your day was made that little bit more bearable as a result of this post. Take a look! 

Amusing And Relatable Tweets About Office Life

It’s crazy how quickly time seems to go by. 

But, when it’s your birthday you want a decent gift! 

Do you ever feel like a ceiling fan that hasn’t met their full potential? 

‘Special Skills’, for sure! 

The ever lasting dilemma… 

Half a day? Surely you would look at the bottom of the mouse after a few seconds?!

This person definitely has a way with words! 

But, what happens when there’s no bump or baby?!

We’ve all faced these moments… 

This is how you win at life…

This person makes a very good point. We feel bringing food to work only works if it is inaccessible until lunch time! 

A tip that really does work…

This is so accurate. Particularly for people who work in retail! 

Utter genius! You could have a lot of fun with this lie.