You Can Get A Pineapple Fanny Pack Cooler That Can Hold A Bottle Of Wine

Nothing screams ‘refreshing summer’ more than fresh pineapples. So, Target’s Sun Squad is offering us the Pineapple Fanny Pack Cooler to make our summer even ‘cooler’. If you can remember, Sun Squad launched its first fanny pack collection last year. Its summer-inspired fanny packs were not just ordinary belt bags but they were coolers as well. Well, guess what? Target is bringing back the fashionable fanny packs this year. And this time, we’ll be seeing some new designs.

The collection includes the Pineapple Fanny Pack that looks as refreshing as it sounds. This handy cooler measures 4.5 inches high, 16.5 inches wide and 4 inches deep that can hold one bottle of wine or two cans of your favorite beverage. The pouch and the waistband are made from polyester material. It features a pineapple pattern in colors yellow and orange with a green waistband and zipper. The interior is lined with polyethylene vinyl acetate material to provide insulation, keeping the content cool for hours.

pineapple fanny pack cooler summer


Place your ice cold beverage inside the pouch, close the zipper to keep it insulated and wear it around your waist. Whenever you need a sip, your refreshing drink will always be in your arm’s reach. The Fanny Pack is the ultimate accessory to keep you cool at the beach or for any outdoor activities where an ice-cold drink is always needed.

pineapple fanny pack cooler


Be fashionably cool this summer with this Pineapple Fanny Pack. It is available at Target for only $8 so grab it now to get you summer-ready.

summer-inspired waistband pouch


Source: Target