Awesome Times Lucky People Hit The Food Jackpot

Food brings joy and satisfaction to so many of us on a daily basis. However, at times we can forget to appreciate our meals. For those who are fortunate, sometimes you might win the food lottery. For example, this could mean getting an extra something than you’re used to or maybe having something in a larger size than expected.

To see some examples of awesome times lucky people hit the food jackpot, take a look below!

Awesome Times Lucky People Hit The Food Jackpot

Double chocolate kinder egg! Win!

Extra cookies! What a delight!

The king of all potato wedges!

That is one scrumptious looking strawberry…

And, this is one seriously juicy looking blackberry!

If only all curly fries were this long…

We wonder what this kiwi looked like with the skin on…

Super fry! All other fries should feel extremely intimidated.

This watermelon is just perfection. No seeds, no fuss!

Have you ever seen a pregnant tangerine before?

A seedless avocado! Less wastage, more product! Yum!

The mightiest Sour Patch Kid ever…

Banana twins! We’ve never seen this before.

This is what dreams are made of! We wonder if the photographer took anything, and how much?