Girl Documents Her Neighbor’s Manatee Mailbox As It Changes Outfits Through The Year

Every neighborhood has someone who’s willing to go above and beyond for the sake of their curb appeal. Usually, people maintain meticulous landscapes in their garden. Others paint their homes in unorthodox hues. But Marley’s (@marleyey) neighbor chose a hilarious way to stand out in their neighborhood. You see, Marley’s neighbor got himself a Manatee mailbox. And as if that wasn’t enough, her neighbor also dresses up his mailbox according to the weather! This funny yet endearing touch certainly got Marley’s attention, who couldn’t resist from sharing her neighbor’s antics on the internet. In her Tweet, Marley wrote,

“My neighbor has this manatee mailbox he dresses up throughout the year and I’m kind of obsessed with it.”


Her post earned over 39.9K likes. It was also re-tweeted over 13.9k times. She also included several snapshots of her neighbor’s dressed up aquatic animal-inspired mailbox. In the photo set, we can see the mailbox dressed up as Santa Claus and in pilgrim clothes. During hurricane season, the owner made the manatee stay dry by dressing it up in a yellow raincoat. Then, in Halloween, he even dressed up the manatee in a ghost costume complete with giant googly eyes!

dressed up manatee mailboxes
Manatee Mailboxes

A Disney-trained artist created the mailbox a couple years ago

It seems that Marley’s neighbor isn’t the only one dressing up their mailbox. A lot of other mailbox owners have also taken to making their already-head-turning mailboxes into the stars of their streets. A company based in Florida Keys makes these head-turning lawn ornaments. According to one of Marley’s commenters, the company is affiliated with the Save The Manatees Club. So… you’re not just getting a cool mailbox. You’re also helping save the gentle giants! According to the company,

“Our famous Manatee mailbox is one of our most popular items! A classic lawn decoration, our Manatee Mailboxes are made right here in Florida Keys. These cute manatees are made out of fiberglass with a beach sand finish in pewter gray.”

manatee mailbox


neighbor's manatee mailbox

The manufacturer currently offers three ocean animal-inspired mailboxes. You can choose a 5-foot-tall manatee, a 3-foot-tall manatee and a 5-foot-tall dolphin. As of writing, the ‘adult’ manatee will set you back $695, while it’s ‘baby’ counterpart is available for only $200. On the other hand, the dolphin mailbox is a bit more affordable, at only $495. So if you’re currently looking for a way to express your love for the ocean, these lawn ornaments will surely do the trick!


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Source: ManateeMailboxes | Twitter