Lawnmowers Are Getting A Retro Upgrade To Look Like Classic Cars

In this modern age, functionality alone is not enough. In this era where social media has become the norm, style also becomes a significant factor in everything. Do you want your food to stand out on Instagram? Then don’t just cook it. Reshape it, add more colors to it, then arrange it decoratively on the plate. Do you want your lawn mower to take social media by storm? Well, that’s quite simple. Transform it into a vintage car and watch it become the talk of the town. Take a hint from this automobile enthusiast under the moniker Jeep2003. Right after he introduced his custom-built lawn mower that looked like a miniature model of a classic car on a forum site, other automobile aficionados also started making their own retro DIY lawn mowers.

jeep2003 retro diy lawn mowers

So, how did Jeep2003 designed the coolest retro lawn mower in the world? Much like Frankenstein, this custom-built beast got its different parts and pieces from different donors. Its motor came from a Tecumseh snow-blower and its deck is a piece of a worn out smoker grill. Additionally, it also features a set of bullet-style tail lights and whitewall tires with a body coated with matte mint green paint. Overall, it manifests a striking resemblance to the 1940s and 1950s car models. Jeep2003 went on to name his creation ‘Li’l Scalper’ which obviously explains the main purpose of the device. And that’s the start of the retro DIY lawn mowers trend among automobile enthusiasts.

jeep2003 retro diy lawn mower inspired by classic car

Automobile enthusiast Jeep2003 documented the entire process of his custom-built retro lawn mower on a forum site

jeep2003 retro diy lawn mower oldminibikes forum


jeep2003 retro diy lawn mower lil scalper

But Jeep2003 isn’t actually the first one to revamp a lawn mower by transforming it into a retro-futuristic car. Back in 2010, Mark Moriarty introduced his ‘Atomic Yard Master’. Moriarty is a well-known restorer in the 1960s. So when he stumbled upon a rusty old lawn mower, he decided to give it a breath of new life. From the transformation shown in the photos below, we can’t help but agree that Moriarty is indeed the ‘master of restoration’.

mark moriarty retro diy lawn mowers atomic yard master
The Garage Journal

Mark Moriarty found an old lawn mower

mark moriarty restores old lawn mower
The Garage Journal

… and restored it to become the sleekest lawn mower we’ve ever seen

mark moriarty retro diy lawn mowers
The Garage Journal

Source: Old Mini Bikes Forum