This Cocktail Machine Is Your Own Personal Bartender At Home

Make your favorite craft cocktails in the comfort of your home with this automatic cocktail machine. Now there’s no need to drive to the nearest bar in the dead of the night just to quench your craving for a margarita or old fashioned. And there’s no need to waste time driving around to find the best bars offering premium cocktails. Simply turn your home into your own personal bar and let this convenient appliance mix the perfect spirits for you.

So, the machine works exactly like single-serve coffee makers. All you need to do is insert a cocktail capsule into the unit and press a button. This all-in-one device automatically mixes the alcohol, juices, bitters and water to create your desired cocktail. It comes with 5 premium glass bottles designed to contain 5 base spirits: whisky, vodka, tequila, rum and gin. Place the base spirits in their designated slots on the base. But, you will notice that rum and gin share a single slot. When the recipe requires rum or gin, the screen will notify you to insert the correct reservoir into the slot before it starts mixing.


Cocktail Machine

automatic cocktail maker

After placing the four glass reservoirs into their slots, fill the water canister located at the back of the unit. Pick your choice of cocktail capsule and insert it into the capsule holder. After closing the lid, the device scans the barcode on the capsule that prompts the system to draw the required spirits from the reservoirs and mixes them with water and the capsule content. The screen then prompts you to select your preferred strength: mocktail, light, regular and strong. Finally, place a glass under the dispenser, press the mix button and the unit will create your cocktail in seconds.


How To Use The Cocktail Machine

automatic cocktail maker how to use


Fill The Glass Bottles With Base Spirits

base spirits glass reservoirs


glass bottles base spirit


glass bottle vodka reservoir


cocktail machine capsule


cocktail machine spirit strength


cocktail machine automatic mixer

Cocktail capsules are available in 8 variants including gin martini, margarita, old fashioned, rum breeze, sex on the beach, classic collection, uptown rocks and whiskey sour. Each variant comes in a 6-pack box and is sold separately. The capsules contain real juice concentrates, bitters and extracts which are crafted by master mixologists. All you need to provide are the 5 base spirits and water, and the capsules will provide the rest. But, the machine doesn’t have a cooling element. So, you may need to add ice to your drink once mixed or fill the canister with cold water before use.

cocktail capsules


cocktail machine capsules


cocktail machine mixer


cocktail machine base spirits

This smart appliance has an auto-rinse mechanism that automatically rinses the unit after each dispense. This is to prevent the previous cocktail’s ingredients from mixing with the next one. To clean the parts, simply detach the capsule holder, water canister, glass bottles and the drip tray from the unit. Wash the parts with warm soapy water and wipe the unit with a damp cloth. Let them dry before assembling. One happy buyer wrote:

“It was awesome. All my guests was super enthused about this product, which allowed us to not need to have a bartender for the event. It was great how quick the machine worked and how easy it was to use.”

auto-rinse automatic cocktail mixer


bartesian home bar unit


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