What Barbers Are Really Thinking That They Can’t Say Out Loud

Barbers work to keep their clients happy, look good, and feel great. They usually engage in small talk because it’s essential to build customer relationships. But, have you ever thought about what barbers are really thinking about while they’re busy doing their job? Here we have the answers to that question! Take a look! 

Some people have got bigger problems.

Building customer relationships… the bond is something money cannot buy.

Makes you want to love your job even more.

It can be exhausting to be fake happy. 

Better avoid annoying the barber or there will be consequences.

We can relate to this! 

You just never know when someone is being truly genuine. 

There’s no such thing as “man buns” for this barber.

Sometimes you love the craft but not the clients.

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Some people’s minds haven’t caught up with the times. 

Basic hygiene is a must. 

It’s all in the hands of the barber.

Let’s hope you fulfill someone else’s ‘need’ too! 

We imagine this isn’t fun at all. 

We all get cold feet sometimes. 

Should have seen this coming.


Gross. We would be raging. 

Pardon the pun…