This Might Be The Creepiest And Most Awesome Way Of Reusing Tires


We've shown you various ways that old tires can be reused or recycled, but this might be the best. It's definitely the most creepy, anyway! Artist Yong Ho Ji is putting old tires to good use by turning them into amazing sculptures. These stunning works of art are made entirely from cut up bits of tire and depict animals, both real and imagined, and human-animal hybrids. While beautiful and intriguing, these huge black sculptures are also just a little bit terrifying. They certainly wouldn't look out of place in a horror movie, that's for sure. The strips of tire are carefully and painstakingly woven and screwed together to make these incredible creatures. The detail is incredible, and makes the sculptures look as though they have real musculature beneath their inky black skin.

Website: Yong Ho Ji




Would you like to have one of these sculptures in your home to scare and amaze unsuspecting guests? Or are they a little too far on the macabre side for your tastes?


You can watch a short documentary about Yong Ho Ji below.