Tiny T-Rex Arms For Chickens Are Now A Thing

Pretty much like dogs and cats, people who have chickens as pets also try to dress them up for fun. And if you’re one of them, you’ve probably already got your feathered friend one of these colorful tutus and knitted outfits. While they look chic and cozy, they’re certainly not as fun and entertaining as these tiny T-Rex arms for chickens!

Yes, you’ve read that right! Apparently, someone has come up with the hilarious idea of giving these farm fowls a pair of dinosaur arms. Although this might come as a surprise to many, several studies have actually confirmed the kinship between T-Rex and birds. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the mighty predator shared more of its genetic makeup with birds than with reptiles.



Scientific claims aside, the structure of a chicken’s body does somehow resemble that of a dinosaur. Plus, many of us have probably wondered how these birds would look like if they had hands. Well, now we know, thanks to Max of My3DPrintForge. Max is a 3D artist who enjoys creating high-quality miniatures for 3D printing. And among his recent creations are these T-Rex arm accessories for feathered creatures.

my3dprintforge tiny t-rex arms for chickens layout

Apparently, he has made his 3D file available for free download through the website Thingiverse. The file features a design for a set of tiny T-Rex arms that’s perfect for your feathered pet. It measures 80mm wide, but you can also scale it depending on the size of your fowl.

my3dprintforge tiny t-rex arms for chickens graphic representation

However, if you don’t have a 3D printer at home, then you may opt to purchase a ready-made one from Etsy. The shop CraftyBargainsDesign is one of the few stores licensed by My3DPrintForge to sell the 3D-printed arms. Made of biodegradable PLA plastic, this unique chicken accessory consists of a pair of dinosaur arms connected by a brace. It’s lightweight, and it fits perfectly on the lower part of your chicken’s nape.

craftybargainsdesign 3d printed tiny t-rex arms for chickens


craftybargainsdesign black 3d printed dinosaur hands accessory for fowls


Transform your chicken into a dinosaur with these tiny, 3D-printed T-Rex arms!

So, you wouldn’t have to worry about it being too noticeable or uncomfortable for your feathered friend. This also allows you to take countless hilarious photos of your “armed” chicken for your entertainment. Unfortunately, it’s only available in black, although the seller has noted that they’re working on offering more color options soon.

chicken wearing tiny t-rex arms


jena noyes fowl wearing 3d printed dinosaur hands accessory
Jena Noyes

Do note that the sets are printed on demand, so processing time may take anywhere between one to two weeks. Meanwhile, shipping may take two to six days via USPS First-Class Mail. But despite the long wait, people who have bought one for their chickens seemed completely satisfied with their purchase.

One happy customer wrote:

“Everyone had a good laugh! I wasn’t sure if they would be a universal fit but seems like they work great. A must buy for anyone with chickens.”

Get yours here: CraftyBargainsDesign | My3DPrintForge