These Festive Jack Skellington String Lights Are Good For Halloween AND Christmas

Can’t decide between Halloween and Christmas? Then we’re pretty sure that Hot Topic’s Jack Skellington string lights just might be your new favorite holiday decoration! Because let’s face it: decorating is exhausting and it always gets expensive. And we need more versatile options for our festive decorations. These merrily spooky string lights will totally have you singing “This is Halloween, This is Halloween” as you’re putting them up! Hot Topic describes the product as:

“Is this Halloween… or Christmas? Get festive for both holidays with this set of string lights from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The set features Jack Skellington’s head with Santa’s hat and beard, or simply, Sandy Claws.”

lit jack skellington lights
Hot Topic

If you’re one of those people who’s more excited for Halloween than any other holiday and you love the Tim Burton masterpiece, these Jack Skellington lights are a must-have for your festive arsenal! Retailing at $24.90, these lights certainly don’t come cheap. But these lights are perfect for Halloween and Christmas, so it’s essentially a bargain!  The whole string is about three feet long and is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use, so you’ll be able to let your spooky holiday spirit shine anywhere you please! Plus, it looks way cooler than those tiny, twinkling fairy lights you’re used to. And we’re betting that these Jack Skellington lights won’t tangle as easily as the ordinary lights.

These Jack Skellington lights will spook and wow your guests so much that you just might become the King (or Queen) of Halloween and Christmas!

unlit jack skellington lights
Hot Topic


2019 is a fantastic year for fans of the cult Halloween movie. Call all your spooky friends and celebrate the spookiest time of the year! The Jack Skellington lights will definitely help your party achieve the spooky spirit while you and your friends transform into characters of Halloweentown! Hot Topic isn’t the only company that’s showing love for Jack and his friends. In fact, Vans has a collection that allows you to spooky anytime, anywhere.

 Moreover, you can complete the holiday fear with an advent calendar where you can expect to get the spookiest gifts every day. (You don’t have to worry though, none of the gifts you’ll get from the calendar will try to harm you, unlike the gifts that Jack gave out!) And if you’ve got that special someone, you can gift her a bouquet or stuffed toys that resemble their favorite characters from The Nightmare Before Halloween. Or, you and your friends can have a Jack Skellington Frappucino before you all head out to spread the Halloween spook or head to your place to go on a movie marathon.

packaging of jack skellington lights
Hot Topic

Oh, Jack sure is everywhere! Get your Jack Skellington lights from Hot Topic or Amazon today!