Things that make you go ”wow”! Usually you would consider something ”wow” worthy if it shocks you. But not everything has to shock you in order for you to say/think oh my god! This category contains extraordinary, breath taking, creative, strange and of course shocking posts!

Fascinating things

50 People Share Fascinating Pictures Of Things You Rarely See

The world has always been full of wonders and fascinating things. However, there are times when we just fail to appreciate or even notice these kinds of things. Our mundane lives often make us forget about all the beautiful things this world has to o...
Villainous Animators’ Collection Dolls

Disney Release New Villainous Animators’ Collection Dolls

During the D23 Expo held in August it was announced that two new dolls will join the Disney Animators' Collection. The new additions are the Ursula & Maleficent Animators' Collection Dolls. If you missed the Expo but are Disney customers then you...