8 Mysterious Photos That Even Science Can Not Explain

We only believe what our eyes can see. But sometimes, even the things that we clearly see are hard to believe.

In this modern day where pretty much anything can be digitally altered (with the right photo-editing program and a good photography skill), almost every photo can be accused of being fake. In the past (where there was no such thing as digicams or Photoshop), there were claims of extraordinary sightings and photographs showing bizarre occurrences that have raised doubts and denunciation from the public. And while these claimers stay adamant about the authenticity of their discovery, public acceptance remains uncertain until logic or science can finally explain them. But until then, these mysterious claims will remain mysteries.

We have collected some of the most mysterious photos that have remained unexplained until now.


8.    There have been several sightings of glowing balls rising from the Mekong river in Thailand where witnesses claim to see fireballs rising up high into the air before disappearing. As expected, the claims were regarded as hoax stories and only a solid evidence can convince the public that this phenomena is real. And then this photo surfaces showing the alleged glowing balls. But even with this evidence, people are still unsure of the credibility of this story.

Unknown author / Imgur

7.    When a team of Swedish treasure hunters dove down onto the floor of the northern Baltic Sea in June 2011, the sonar image they’ve captured revealed an unusual disk-shaped object that looked like a sunken UFO. When the team tried to get closer to the mysterious object, the electronic equipment began to fail, forcing them to swim further away. When the sonar image was released to the public, it received scrutiny and suspicion. Until further expedition is conducted to confirm the validity of this photo, the Baltic Sea anomaly still enlists itself among the unexplained things ever captured in photo.

NTDTV / youtube

6.    Several mysterious circles are scattered around the Namib desert and people have been wondering ‘how are they formed’ and ‘what are they’? Scientists have offered different logical explanations as to what these circles are. Some say the ‘fairy circles’ are actually termite nests while some assert that these were caused by arid grass formation. And the unyielding speculation of UFOs still lingers on the mind of some people.

teepy / reddit

5.    Stories of UFO sightings and alien abductions have become one of the biggest news during the 1950’s. And this famous photo of an alleged UFO flying-disc added fire to the controversy regarding the existence of extraterrestrial beings.


4.    Swiss antique-collector Gregor Spörri claimed that he had found a severed finger of an ancient giant when he bought this artifact from a tomb raider in Egypt. The finger measures 38 cm long which is thrice the average length of an adult male’s finger. Many people are skeptical about Spörri’s claim. Some people even said he just made the object out of clay.

Crypto Tom / youtube

3.    This photo is one of the supposed evidence proving that there are pyramids existing on the moon. And if the existence of pyramids on the moon is proven true, then the theory of extraterrestrial beings can finally be proven true. But this photo alone has earned the incredulity of the public and is accused of being digitally-manipulated.

EverLookUp/ youtube

2.    Ghost photos can be found almost everywhere in the internet nowadays. While most of these photos are obviously fake and heavily edited, there are also those legitimate pictures that have passed thorough analysis and earned validation from photo experts. One of the most legitimate ghost photos is the one shown below which was taken at the lobby of the Stanley Hotel. Although the legitimacy of the picture has been confirmed, many people still refuse to believe in the supernatural.

9NEWS / youtube
  1.      This is probably one of the most perplexed mysteries ever discovered by archaeologists. When a 400-year-old sealed tomb was excavated from the grounds of China,  the discoverers were puzzled when they found a Swiss watch encrusted with mud inside. How the modern ring got into the ancient sealed tomb is a big question that has yet to be explained.