Things that make you go ”wow”! Usually you would consider something ”wow” worthy if it shocks you. But not everything has to shock you in order for you to say/think oh my god! This category contains extraordinary, breath taking, creative, strange and of course shocking posts!

16th-century poison cabinet

16th-Century Poison Cabinet Was Found Inside Hollowed-Out Book

There’s a reason why we collect things from the past: they’re unique, unusual and well, almost always awesome. That’s why antique furniture, clothing, art and curio often manage to rake up a hefty price at the auctions. In 2008, Hermann Historica pla...
Interesting facts

People Have Been Sharing Interesting Facts That Blew Their Minds

We all love a good "Did you know?" fact once in a while. Because let's admit it, even if we spend countless hours or even years trying to learn about everything around us, it's just never enough. Nor will it ever be. After all, learning is a lifelong...

People Share Some Of The Most Interesting Comparison Pictures

Photographs are simply memories frozen in time. Memories fade but the vibrancy of photos has the power to bring those moments back to life. And by capturing certain events on paper, we are able to recollect and compare moments taken from different ti...