Strange And Cool Things That Actually Exist

If you think you’ve seen the most extraordinary things in life, think again. The world has an endless reservoir of exceptional things that would make you doubt if they are real or not. If it’s not possible to travel around the world to take a glimpse of these surprising things, you still have the internet to turn to. And we have compiled the most amazing things in one page, just for you!


Scroll down to see our list of unbelievable things that actually exist in real life.


15.   Are you bored with the conventional chess play. Why not try playing chess while standing? You heard it right. There’s a vertical chess board that you can set up on the wall of your home, office, or anywhere.


14.   Spice up your dining experience by ditching your ordinary spoon and fork, and try these garden-themed silverware.


13.   Who says velcro are for fabrics only? This bag of dried blueberries proves that velcro can seal as good as regular zip seal bags.


12.   This is a not newly-discovered type of organisms. There are regular pebbles being lifted off the ground by needle-like strands of ice. This phenomenon occurs when the soil temperature goes above 32 °F and the air surface temperature goes below 32 °F. This causes underground water to flow upwards to the surface where it instantly freezes to create these needle-like strands of ice, pushing away any particles from the ground.


11.   A clever train conductor puts a smile on every passenger’s face by punching a cute train-shaped holes in their tickets.


10.    This pencil has seeds on its end so when it’s too short to use, it can be planted into the soil to grow trees, flowers, or herbs.


9.    This is what happens when water from a roof leak tries to escape through the wall paint.


8.    The shortest handrail I’ve ever seen, for a single step.


7.    A knife made from a cable used in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.


6.   The ice deposit on top of this car looks like a scale model of an icy mountain range.


5.   We all know where yogurt came from. But this brand of yogurt wants to acknowledge the names of the cows who made this yummy dairy product possible.


4.    Beehives are usually found in hollow trees and rock crevices. But this colony of bees decides to do something out of the ordinary. By trying to step outside the box, these bees tried to step inside the box (electrical box, that is). Make it a habit to check your electrical boxes. Before you know it, a beehive may had already invaded it.

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3.    Because ordinary calculators are humdrum, this one settles for more entertainment by adding a chessboard.

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2.      Brilliant construction hack…


1.    Dogs also have dental issues. Some dogs even suffer painful and potentially  fatal dental problems. Bet you didn’t know that there are veterinary dentists who make braces for dogs. Unlike human braces, dog braces are not intended for aesthetic purposes but rather to treat dogs who are dealing with dental issues, from minor disorders such as crowded teeth to more serious cases such as cancer.

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