People Share Interesting “What Happens If…” Posts That Answer Questions You Never Asked

Life is full of mysteries and unanswered questions. And it’s up to us to seek those answers. But every so often, we ask ourselves what happens if we do something like this or that. If you’re looking for answers that could give meaning to your life then you’re in the wrong page. We only entertain random and silly questions here. Nothing too serious. So, don’t expect to get some life-changing answers from this post.

If you want to know how a photo would turn out if your phone vibrates while taking a picture, or what happens to the sand after a lightning strikes a beach, then you’re in the right place. Well, if you think knowing the answers to these bizarre things would change your life then we’ll be glad to help you with that.


This Is What Happens If You Swing A String Of Glow Sticks With Burning Steel Wool At The End


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We’ve compiled the most interesting collection of answers to random questions to fill your cup of curiosity.

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