15 Unexpected Things People Saw While In Thailand

Iconic temples, royal palaces, ancient ruins, pristine beaches and tranquil canalside communities – Thailand has a plethora of tourist attractions. But aside from these well-known attractions, the Southeast Asian country also has plenty of unexpected things that you never knew existed. We’re pretty sure you’re not aware that there’s a particular park where you can collect elephant poo and turn it into paper souvenirs. And did you know that there’s a restaurant in Bangkok that promotes responsible family planning by dressing up decorative dolls with condoms?

You are likely to see some unexpected things in Thailand. So, if you’re planning to visit the country, don’t forget to bring your camera because you never know when you’re going to come across random surprises. To give you a heads-up, we’ve compiled a list of Thailand’s hidden gems that are as equally interesting as its world-famous attractions.


Corgi Cafe


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If Japan has cat cafes and South Korea has sheep cafes, Thailand has a corgi café where customers can dine and relax with corgi dogs. Corgi in the Garden Café in Bangkok is the ideal place for dog lovers who are particularly fond of the corgi breed. The owners of the coffee shop originally had 2 corgi dogs. But when the canine family grew, they decided to share the joy with their customers by allowing them to play with them and pet them.

The café now has 17 adorable corgis that are eager to play with you. However, take note that the coffee shop does not allow children under 2 years old. And pets are not allowed to visit, in order to prevent undesirable situations.


Selfie Coffee

selfie coffee unexpected things in thailand
Selfie Coffee Bangkok

Well, it’s no secret that Thailand serves the best coffee in the world. But this particular coffee shop doesn’t only serve aromatic coffee to their customers. They also print your selfie photo on the milk foam of your coffee. Aside from coffee, KC Selfie Coffee in Bangkok also offers tea and other beverages with your selfie pic printed on the plastic lid. All you have to do is place your order on their Facebook page and send them your photo. They will then notify you when your drink is ready for pick-up.


Elephant PooPooPaper Park


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There’s an eco-tourism attraction in Chiang Mai that shows visitors the traditional paper-making process using elephant poop fibres. Visitors can watch the entire process through a tour: from poo collection up to the final product assembly. What’s more, visitors can participate with the process and are encouraged to collect the elephant poo themselves. The park also has plenty of souvenirs and unexpected things, mostly made from poo paper, that are worth collecting.


Ancient City in Samut Prakan


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Samut Prakan is a central Thai province located in the south of Bangkok at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. If Thailand is included on your next destination list, make sure to visit the place to see the mesmerizing Ancient City sitting on the river’s east bank. This tourist attraction features numerous scaled-down replicas of the country’s historic temples, royal palaces and old cities. So, it’s like having a tour around Thailand in one destination. In addition to the breathtaking replicas, there’s also a museum that houses religious relics and classical masterpieces by historic Thai artists.


Bird’s Nest Pool Villas


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Keemala, a resort in the stunning rainforest in Kamala, Phuket, offers guests a magnificent view of the lush forest, mountains and the sea to let them appreciate the true beauty of nature. Furthermore, the resort takes pride in its set of Bird’s Nest Pool Villas which are inspired by the Rung-Nok (Nest) Clan. The unique dwellings feature woven tangle reminiscent of a bird’s nest. So, they look like thatched pods suspended amid the tree-tops. Each luxurious villa has an extra large living space, an outdoor pool terrace and an outdoor sun deck.


Railway Market


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In Samut Songkhram, you will find one of the most dangerous unexpected things. There’s a market which is sprawled along a railroad track. As dangerous as it seems, the Maekhong Railway Market is the perfect destination for those who enjoy a thrill and shopping. With the fresh fruits and veggies displayed right on the sides of the railroad track, buyers have to walk along the rail lines to shop. Once in a while, a train comes dashing through the track. So, buyers need to be extra careful when shopping and be mindful of alerts to avoid accidents.


Condom-Decorated Restaurant


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No one actually thinks about condoms when they’re talking about food. But this restaurant in Bangkok did the unthinkable by using these contraceptive ‘barriers’ as decorations. So, you may be asking ‘why?’. Well, Cabbages & Condoms aims to normalize the use of condoms. By displaying them all over the place, they wish to convey that condoms are as ‘casual’ as cabbages. So, people shouldn’t be ashamed of buying and using them. This is one of the quirky unexpected things but it also has a positive message to.


Prison-Themed Hotel


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Have you ever wondered what it is like living in prison? Sook Station Hostel is the first prison-themed hotel to open in Bangkok. And people have mixed opinions about it. Instead of luxurious hotel rooms, this bizarre hostel has rooms designed to look like jail cells. Upon checking in, guests are provided with a pin-striped uniform and have their mugshots taken. And instead of a key, guests are given an inmate number. This is definitely the perfect place for those who are looking for temporary solitary confinement. Each jail cell is equipped with a comfy bed, bathroom and a small balcony where guests can take a breather.


Rainbow Toast

happy cheese toast thailand unexpected things
Happy Cheese Toast | Facebook

When the Happy Cheese Toast Cafe introduced its crunchy toast with a gooey rainbow-colored cheese filling, people in Thailand went crazy about it. And the Rainbow Toast is now Thailand’s latest snack sensation. The unique toast features mozzarella and Swiss cheeses with food coloring. These yummy snack would surely look great on Instagram.


Fine Dining Insect Restaurant

thailand insect restaurant
Insects in the Backyard

Insects, bugs, and worms are popular snacks in Thailand. These icky critters are often deep fried and seasoned, and are often enjoyed with beer. Deemed as a popular street food, this fine dining restaurant cooks gourmet meals featuring none other than insects. Aptly named Insects in the Backyard, this restaurant serves European-style cuisine with bugs and worms as the main ingredients. Here you will find lots of unexpected things and you can try new foods to.


David Beckham Temple


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If you think temples are only for honouring deities then let Thailand prove you wrong. In Bangkok, there is a David Beckham Temple that features a figure of the famous soccer player squatting at the base of a Buddha shrine. However, the temple wasn’t originally built for Beckham. The head monk at the temple was a huge fan of Manchester United, the team Beckham played with at the time. He must have loved Beckham so much that he thought of placing an image of him at the base of the shrine. Since then, the temple has been popularly known as Beckham Temple.


Giant Fruit Hotels


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If the prison-themed hostel isn’t to your taste then how about spending the night inside a giant fruit? This large upscale resort in Ban Tai has nearly a hundred dwellings in the shape of pineapples, dragonfruits, durians, mangoes, mangosteens, bamboo shoots and more. The Banphasawan Resort offers guests a relaxing retreat while being surrounded by orchards growing real fruits.


Bangkok Float Center


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Floatation therapy and sensory deprivation have a lot of health benefits including boosting muscular, circular and skeletal systems. Bangkok Float Center offers state-of-the-art sensory deprivation tanks called Dream Pods. These pods allow customers to effortlessly float on top of a super-saturated solution of water and Epsom salt for an hour.


Museum of Counterfeit Goods

thailand museum of counterfeit goods
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Do you think you have a keen eye for discerning what is genuine and what is fake? If not, enter the Museum of Counterfeit Goods in Bangkok to get a grasp of it. The museum is a part of law firm Tilleke and Gibbins which was built in 1989 to exhibit all the counterfeit goods they have accumulated over the years. From bags and shirts to coffee and laundry detergent, visitors can find all sorts of fake items inside the museum. To help guests recognize a fake from a genuine , each item is labelled with either F (fake) or G (genuine). Not only is this place unique but it will be full of unexpected things!


Restaurant Serves Beverage and Food Together For Easy Handling


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Street food is best enjoyed while you’re walking. But with a cup of drink in one hand and a bowl of food in the other, walking while eating is just impossible. A street food stand in Bangkok made it easier for its customers to enjoy their food while sightseeing with a simple yet brilliant solution. Ba Ba Liu created a food bowl with a hole in the middle where the straw of the drinking cup can be put through. By placing the bowl on top of the drinking cup, people can hold both the food and drink with one hand.