45 Wholesome Things That Will Help Restore Your Faith In The World

The year 2020 is really testing our faith in humanity. This is why we’re doing our best to keep your faith-o-meter high by giving you a collection of wholesome things. Natural calamities, a global pandemic, social unrest and terrorism threats: the year 2020 will go down as one of the worst years in history. So, it’s no wonder that people are unhappier now than they’ve been in nearly 50 years. With all the bad news surrounding us, everyone is really in need of uplifting stories to make them feel better. And that’s exactly what we’re here for.

Crises and disasters truly bring out the best and worst in people. While some people turn into heroes when tragedies happen, others turn into looters and take advantage of the circumstances for greedy means. It is indeed heartbreaking to watch people commit selfish acts. But let’s also not look away from the Good Samaritans who have helped those in need during these troubled times. Besides, paying more attention to the wholesome things instead of the bad news can significantly boost our happiness.


Wholesome Things And Stories Of Kindness To Help Restore Your Faith In Humanity


“10 Years Of Work But It Was Worth It! I’m A Provider At The Same Place I Used To Clean”

wholesome things 10 years service
Jaines Andrades


A Child Hit My Father’s Car On A Bike With Broken Brakes. So, My Father Bought Him A New Bike. I Am So Proud.

wholesome things man gave kid new bike

Life isn’t always smooth sailing and there will be hardships along the way. Disasters were a dime a dozen to humankind and this is actually not the first time that the world has encountered these problems. As a matter of fact, our past generations had it worse than what we have now. But human beings have survived all of these – famines, world wars, deadly plagues and even the Ice Age. Our interesting history of survival shows the unyielding power of humankind. And people of the past were able to survive all those tragedies because they were resourceful and cooperative.


This Wooden Mast Was Replaced With A Concrete One, But They Preserved The Toucan’s House

wholesome things electricians preserved tuscano house
Neuton Fischer | Neuton Fischer


“Omg, So I Faced My Biggest Fear Today And Went To The Beach In A Swimsuit”

chubby girl wears a swimsuit

So much has changed over the course of time. But one thing still remains the same – humans are still wired to survive. Sooner or later, we will surpass all these hurdles. And just like our ancestors, we’ll also look back to this time and recall both the good and the bad events. While we’re all still searching for that coveted light at the end of the tunnel, allow us to uplift your spirits with inspiring stories of kindness and love.


“This Man Sent 33 Strangers To College Using His Life Savings From Working At The Same Job As A Carpenter For 67 Years”

carpenter sent 33 strangers to college


“It Has Been A Very Long Journey, But We Finally Got Forever”

foster kid finally adopted


“Got My First Job On The 10th Day Of My Release From Prison. Staring From The Bottom Up.”

ex-convict finds a new job


“This Athlete, Marios Giannakou, Carried A Disabled Biology Student Named Eleftheria To The Top Of Mount Olympus, Her Dream”


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“Sometimes You Need Some Bro You Don’t Know To Love You”

yard sign love for no reason


“During The Last Round Of Trollgate, People Said That I Should Be Banned From Posting Photos Of Myself Because I’m Too Ugly. So I’d Just Like To Commemorate The Occasion With These 3 Selfies…”

girl responds to online trolls with selfies


So, They Can Complete Challenges Together This Guy Helps His Disabled Twin Compete In Marathons And More

wholesome things man carries disabled twin ironman challenge
TeamTvilling | TeamTvilling


Perfect Gift

wholesome things little stuffie pop


“My Parents Couldn’t Afford To Buy Me A Fancy Cake This Year, So After A Long Day Of Work My Dad Came Home And Made Me One.”

dad makes fancy cake for daughter


Wholesome Things To Uplift Your Spirits

wholesome things from rags to harvard


Ridan Regularly Buys Food For A Homeless Elderly Man And Feeds Him

wholesome things man feeds the homeless


Cats Make Everyone Feel Better

onlice class cats zoom


This Is The Kind Of Kind Gesture That We Need More Of

wholesome things man pretends to be girls dad


“Dorothy Anonymously Bakes Treats And Leaves Them For Our Apartment Community. She Was Recently Caught”

wholesome things woman bakes treats for free


“Rachel Has Been A Nanny For Curtis For Over A Year. When He Realized Her Senior Prom Was Cancelled, He Wanted To Throw One For Her”

kid throws senior prom for nanny


So Incredibly Wholesome

kid compassionate act on his birthday


“My Dog Gets Really Anxious In The Car, So My Grandma Asked To Sit In The Back With Him. The Whole Car Ride All I Heard Was ‘It’s Okay, We’re Almost There Brave Boy'”

granny comforts a scared dog in the car


“My Mom Is A Nurse Practitioner And She Has Been On The Front Lines Of A Covid Unit Since March. She Just Got This Shirt. I Haven’t Seen Her Light Up Like That In Months”

superhero nurse shirt


This Will Make You Smile

old couple best friends


Heart-warming Act Of Kindness

japanese grandparents made totoro figure bus stop


“After 6 Months Homeless And Jobless, I Now Have A New Apartment, Car And A Job In A Call Center. And I Did It On My Own. So Proud Of Myself”

homeless guy gets a job


“After Years Of Darkness Today Marks 12 Months Without Drinking. I Never Thought I Could, And I’m Proud Of Myself”

man marks 12 months without drinking


A Simple Good Morning Can Mean So Much

wholesome things selective mute speaks


“Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate, Two Week Surgery”

cleft palate surgery baby recovery


Nobody Tell Him

brushing alone is not enough


Adorable Story

fiance and daughter celebrates late wife birthday


“My PhD Supervisor Brought A Whole Box Of Transparent Masks So I Could Lipread – Completely Unprompted. I’m Crying – Inclusivity Done Right”

transparent face masks for lipreading


“I Just Had A Ruptured Brain Aneurysm And A Brain Bleed And Had Surgery And Actually Survived”

wholesome things aneurysm survivor


This Man Proves It’s Never Too Late To Start A New Journey

wholesome things senior man student


“At 16 my guidance counselor told me I wasn’t good enough at math to go into the space field. Just received my undergrad diploma in applied mathematics and in 2 weeks I start working on my masters in space sciences and engineering.”

discouraged girl working on space field


“Cheer Along With Us”

longest resident shelter dog finally adopted


“I Lost My Dad To Covid This Past July And Came Across These Old Pics Of Him Fixing My Bow-Tie For Prom. So I Had To Make Sure He Was Looking Snazzy Too”

photo of dad fixing son bow tie


“No Visitors Allowed For Chemo Due To The Virus But That Didn’t Stop Albert”

no visitors allowed for chemo


An IKEA Store In Germany Gave Permission To The Local Muslim Community To Use The Car Park For Socially Distanced Prayer

ikea germany car park muslim community
IGMG Wetzlar FATiH CAMii


“My Neighbor’s Kid Lone BLM Protest”

wholesome things lone kid protest


“One of the Dopest things I seen!! I love it”

wholesome things sign language playground
Thyson Halley


This Dad Is Epic

dad supports daughter on twitter


These Kids Know The Importance Of Wearing A Mask

kids self portraits with masks


“4 Years In A Row! My Brother The Culinary GOAT At 14. Cooked All Of It.”

young culinary mastermind


“My daughter found out a couple of weeks ago that our mailman used to be a pro soccer player and started asking him for daily tips. Yesterday he told her to go get her cleats on and helped her run some drills. He did the same today. It was unbelievably sweet.”

wholesome things mailman teaches girl soccer


“The Kid I Nanny Is Nervous For The First Day Of School And My Heart Is Completely Melted.”
nanny comforts nervous kid first online class