This category is dedicated to anything and everything related to animals. From dogs being rescued and adopted to incredibly awesome animal steampunk sculptures.

cats with Mini-Mes

20 Adorable Photos Of Cats With Their Mini-Mes

Cats are infamous for their aloofness and indifference towards almost everything that's around them. However, they do have a soft spot too, especially when it comes to their kittens. Likewise, mother cats can also get quite overprotective of their yo...
dads pets

50 Times Dads Didn’t Want The Damn Pet

Bringing a new pet home isn’t always an easy decision, especially when your parents don’t want  anything to do with it. Well, it turns out that some dads are simply not telling the truth. They can act and talk tough which is typical of the ‘alpha mal...
animals having a bad day

50 Photos Of Animals That Are Having A Much Worse Day Than You

Having a bad day? Well, you’ll be glad to know that you’re not the only one who are having it rough. The truth is, animals also get in trouble and make mistakes. While it’s extremely common to stumble across people having a bad day, seeing our furry ...