There’s A Facebook Group Dedicated To Sharing Disapproving Corgi Photos

Need something to cheer you up? Then these hilarious photos of disapproving corgis will surely make your day. Known for their short legs, fox-like upright ears and fluffy butts, corgi dogs have been climbing steadily in the ranks as the most popular canine breed in the United States. But there’s more to these cute doggos than their adorable looks. These short-legged canines have a trustworthy and loving temperament that makes them excellent pets. They are affectionate and loyal to their owners. Furthermore, they are notoriously cuddly.

But take note that some corgi dogs like to cuddle more than others. While, there are some corgis that don’t like to cuddle. One of the great things about these cute pooches is that they are not shy to express their feelings. When they have had enough snuggles, they will give you that ‘fed up’ look that simply says it all. On the other hand, when they haven’t had their fill of cuddles, they would give you some serious side-eye. Although these cute doggos are keen to please their owners, they will surely let you know when they’re so over it.


“Pluto Is Disapproved Of Being Carried But Liberty Is Loving It. 50% Corgi Approval Rating”

disapproving corgis
Alice L Chu

So, corgi owners around the world are so aware of their pets’ grumpy side. Amusingly, some of them were able to capture their dog’s hilarious expressions on camera. As a matter of fact, there’s a Facebook group named Disapproving Corgis dedicated to showing the other side of corgis that we haven’t seen yet. As of writing, the Facebook page already has more than 860K members and still growing. All corgi lovers are invited to join the group and members are allowed to share photos of their lovable corgi dogs with their ‘disapproving look’.


“I Stopped Petting Him For .004 Seconds And Got This Serious Side Eye”

dog gives serious side eye
Lizzy Boudah


“Face I Come Home To Everyday”

hilarious grumpy dog face
Jake Hall


“Princess Penelope of Colton Corgis disapproves of the severe LACK of toy options she’s been given. “What do you think I am, a peasant?!”

disapproving corgis royal puppy wants more toys
Mary Beth


Corgis Always Show Their Mood

Corgis are friendly and most of them will pose for the camera to please their owners. But these adorable dogs are also different in their own ways. Some will furrow their brows to show that they’re in a bad mood. And others will give a snobbish glare to tell you ‘they don’t care’. Whether they are happy or grumpy, they still look cute just the same. So, when you’re feeling down, you only need to visit the Disapproving Corgis page to make you feel better. For sure, those ‘I’m having a bad day’ facial expressions are something you can relate to.

We’ve picked out the funniest photos from the page to give your daily dose of canine cuteness. Have a corgeous day, everyone!


“Gus Disapproves Of The Mug Making Fun Of Him”

disapproving corgis insulting mug
Caitlin Ross


Here Are More Hilarious Photos

funny photos of disapproving corgis
Macy Andrd


“Sheldon Disapproves Of Going On A Walk Today And Pretty Much Any Other Day Too”

disapproving corgis dog too lazy for a walk
Amy Schaar


“Strong Disapproval From Roadside Loaf”

funny dog look of disapproval
Jessica King


“I’ve Never Felt More Judged”

funny dog judgmental look
Mallori Hopkins


“Dilly Is In Our Bed”

dogs disapprove cat invading the bed
?Melissa Grace


“My Boy Cooper Has Been Giving Me The Disapproving Side Eye Since He Was A Pup”

disapproving corgis side eye look
Blake Mullenix


“Severus Really Disapproving Of This Rainy Day In Massachusetts”

dog looks unhappy in rain coat
Giulia Siravegna


“Throwback To Last Summer When Papu Was Crowned May Queen And Greatly Disapproved”

disapproving corgis flower crown
Siiri Sainio


“Mabel Disapproves Of Her Sis Having The Zoomies”

puppy disapproves of sis having the zoomies
Cole Brantmeier


“I’ve Decided To Put My Shoes In A Closet Because This Face Screams, ‘Imma Poop In Your Expensive Shoes And I’m Gonna Laugh'”

dog dislikes bathtime
Janet Fennel


“I Guess Norman Disapproves Of Too Long Of A Walk”

dog too lazy to walk
Brianna Reeves


“Hello Everyone! This Is Severus, With A Very Disapproving Look That First Time We Took Him To The Vet”

dog scared of the vet
Giulia Siravegna


“Lunchbox At The Museum Of Modern Art In New York City. He Judges The Onlookers”

hilarious dog judgmental look
Shandra Flowers McDowell


“Zeta Disapproves Of Balancing Small Berries On Her Head”

disapproving corgis small berries on head
Carolyn Nguyen


Bathtime Sadness

dog bathtime sadness
Teresa Tong Han


“Someone Recommended I Post This Pic Of Our Cody On This Page. I Think He’s Disapproving Of The Ghost Behind Me”

disapproving corgis ghost behind
Joe Fernandes


“Soxy Disapproves Of The Blowing Snow! (She Was Out To Potty With Me For 5 Mins And I Brought Her In And Towel Dried Her)”

dog unhappy with the blowing snow
Lisa Rice


“Frida: ‘What Do You Mean I Cant Climb On The Bed? I’m A Good Girl!’ Dad: ‘Say No More, The Bed Is Yours'”

disapproving corgis claiming the bed
Alex Casiano


“Violet Sincerely Disapproves Of Brother Vinny’s Very Existence This Morning”

disapproving corgis sibling rivalry
Erika Marie


“She Wasn’t Really Thrilled When She Found Out She Was Going To Be A Big Sister”

disapproving corgis unhappy with having a sister
Deisy E Rodriguez


“Jake Disapproves Long Car Rides Back Home After Visiting Family”

dog dislikes long ride back home
Aricka Potts


“‘What Is Dis?! Food For Ants??’ Skipper Disapproves Of Specially Made Small Crepe”

disapproving corgis small crepes
Ana Michelle Sanchez


“Somebody Isn’t Happy That He Had To Have A Bath”

cute dog not happy to have a bath
Jess Ross


“It Was Suggested To Me That I Post This Photo In This Group. I’m Not Sure What Furgie Was Disapproving Of But She Sure Has Been Being Sassy!”

disapproving corgis sassy look
Kay Lynn Swisher


“Needless To Say, The Little Foxx Highly Disapproves Of A Nail Trim”

disapproving corgis nail trim
Jim Cox

Finally, which corgi photo was your favorite?

Source: Facebook group