Target Has Haunted Cat Houses That Make For The Purrrfect Halloween Hideout

Target is selling a haunted cat house for our feline friends this Halloween season. Most cats just don’t share the same enthusiasm we have for dressing up in wacky or spooky costumes. They’d much rather nap during this chilly weather and the Haunted Mansion Cat Scratcher can be your kitty’s perfect hideout this pawtumn!

Your cat is sure to fall in love with this haunted house because it’s made from a feline favorite: the cardboard box! We all know how much cats love sleeping and scratching cardboard boxes, and with this cat house, your kitty gets the best of both worlds. Plus, this haunted mansion totally rises to the occasion. Its orange and black exterior is decorated with cobwebs and ghosts, so it fits in perfectly with Halloween. It’s so spookily cute that it can double as a part of your Halloween décor!

haunted cat house box


Haunted Cat House front view

Haunted cat house back view

The haunted cat house is perfect for purranormal cativity.

Besides its spookily-decorated exterior, this haunted mansion features two entryways for your kitty to slink in and out from. Both floors of this two storey cat house feature scratcher floors, which your kitty will undoubtedly enjoy. The second floor of this house includes of a lofty perch pad where your cat can survey his spooky little kingdom or watch you get your spook on. More importantly, your furry feline will definitely look extra adorable while sleeping inside!

Your cat’s Halloween mansion is super easy to assemble, so you can set it up in no time. This house may just be all cardboard, but it’s relatively sturdy as it’s reported that it can support big, fat cats like Garfield who weigh over 17lbs or 7.7kg! (Although we suspect that Garfield actually weighs more than 17lbs…)

Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t let your furry friend miss out on the spookiest holiday of the year! The Haunted Mansion Cat Scratcher is currently sold out at the Target site, so keep your eyes peeled for their new stock! The house retails for $16.99 and weighs only 1.5 kg. If you really want to get your feline companion something spooky for Halloween, you can also consider this pumpkin cat bed. Happy Meow-O-Ween!

Check out these kitties in their haunted mansions:

Source: Target