Golden Retriever Puppy Has Become A Guide For His Blind Brother Tao

The companionship of a dog is incomparable and the Golden retriever, in particular, has all the credentials to be man’s best friend. This canine breed is one of the friendliest and most gentle dogs in the world. They are so amiable by nature that they rarely show aggression toward strangers or other dogs. Since they tend to get along with other pets, they also serve as trustworthy companions to other dogs as well. And this little puppy named Oko proves just that.

Oko was just about 8 weeks old when Melanie Jackson got him from a breeder in Cornwall. Now, most of us get a dog solely for companionship and Melanie was no exemption. But the main reason why she got Oko was not to get herself a canine companion. Instead, it was for her 12-year-old dog Tao who is blind and in need of a friend.


This Cute Golden Retriever Puppy Becomes A Guide For His Blind Brother

Melanie, from Shepton Mallet, recounted how Tao lost both of his eyes due to glaucoma. Last year, the senior dog was diagnosed with a chronic condition that causes fluid build-up and pressure in the eye. Sadly, glaucoma in dogs is an untreatable disease which will ultimately lead to blindness. The vet advised to have his affected eye surgically removed so they did before the condition got worse. Melanie continued to treat Tao’s remaining eye with drops for 11 months. Unfortunately, his remaining eye had also succumbed to glaucoma and had to be removed too.


Tao Lost Both Of His Eyes Due To Glaucoma

With both eyes removed, Tao has made amazing progress and Melanie couldn’t be any prouder with how quickly he recovered. In just 8 weeks after the operation, the dog began doing his usual routine like walking up the staircase and walking off-leash. Despite his quick progress, it is still clear that his blindness has given him restrictions. This is when Melanie thought of getting a new pet for Tao to play with. And that’s how Oko came into their lives.

Upon their first meeting, Tao and Oko immediately became friends. The adorable pup has become so fond of his older brother that he never leaves his side. Apart from being a playmate, Oko has also become a guide to his blind brother. Seeing how reliable Oko is as a guide, Melanie now trains the puppy to respond to basic commands while training Tao to follow Oko.

“Oko is being trained by me—if not, he would lead Tao into mischief as he is a typical inquisitive puppy.” Melanie said. “Tao is being trained to follow Oko’s scent and Oko to listen and respond to my commands to ‘stop, wait, go right, go left.”

Oko, now 17 weeks old, seemed to have embraced his role as a companion and a guide for Tao. Melanie revealed that Tao has never been happier with his little brother guiding him all the way. The heart-warming friendship of these golden retriever brothers have the internet asking for more of their photos. But, you can follow them on Instagram to see what this cute furry duo is up to.

Source: Instagram