Artist Andrey Scherbak Shows What Daily Life Would Be Like If Cats Were Giant

Have you ever wondered how life would be if cats were much bigger than us? This Russian artist will give us a glimpse into what that would be like. By using his photo-editing skills, Rostov-on-Don-based Andrey Scherbak edits images of giant cats and puts them on other photos. Putting different images together in one photo is a basic thing in Photoshop. But Scherbak puts a little twist on it.

He edits the cat images to make them look ridiculously bigger compared to the normal background. Scherbak often uses photos of himself taken in different locations. Then he later adds images of cats on the normal photos, making it appear as if he was with a huge kitty. As you can see from the photos, the gigantic furry felines seem to blend well with the actual photo. The result was so flawless that it somewhat distorts your sense of reality. So, if you ever wish to see what it would be like to live with huge cats, these photos will show you that.


This artist edits photos of giant cats living harmoniously with him

How did the artist come up with the idea? On his Instagram page, Scherbak reveals on his bio that he sometimes feel like he’s being followed by giant cats. He was able to turn this ‘feeling’ into reality when he saw a photo of a forest that he had taken. As that’s when the idea of placing a big kitty on the forest photo came to his mind. So, he decided to take another photo of the forest and this time, he added an image of a humongous kitty. He liked the result of the Photoshopped image and there was no turning back since then.


The artist is also a proud owner of two cats and one dog

His two cats, a male and a female, were rescue kitties which he found in an animal shelter and on the street. However, the cats on the photos are not his feline pets. He did try to take photos of his cats at first. But he just can’t take the perfect shot as they won’t sit still for him. So, he decided to get cat photos from Google instead.

While other Photoshoppers are using their talents to create memes, Scherbak brilliantly uses his own to make his dream a reality. And that is to live with big cats. Whether he’s shopping, strolling in the park, playing in the snow or chilling on the beach. He always have the company of colossus kitties on each photo. Sometimes, his Lab dog Rooney also joins him in his adventures.

“When I have some free time, I go for walks in the park with my dog or I read books. On the weekends, I explore the city and the countryside in search of new shots for my pictures.”, the artist said.

Check out and follow his Instagram page to see over 200 photos of his creations. We’ve picked out the most impressive cat photos from the page and compiled them on a list below. So, sit back, relax and live your fantasies through these photos.

Source: Instagram page