Seal Celebrates His 31st Birthday With A Giant Surprise Ice Fish Cake

What could possibly be the best birthday present you could give to a seal? The answer is simple: a giant ice fish cake. Unlike humans, animals have no real concept of time and they don’t exactly know when their birthdays are. But although they don’t understand the specifics of a birthday celebration, it doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy it. Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, England threw a birthday party for one of its resident marine mammals. And you can just see how the birthday celebrant appreciated and enjoyed every minute of it.

Yulelogs, a male grey seal, just turned 31 last September 10th. And the sanctuary decided to surprise him with a giant fish cake to celebrate his big day. The treat consists of a huge chunk of ice filled with fish. Upon seeing his birthday cake, Yulelogs puts on a sweet smile, rubs his cheek against the cake and starts nibbling at it. And his expression says it all. He appreciated the gesture and loved the treat. And seeing him looking grateful and feeling happy melted the hearts of the internet.


This Male Grey Seal Received A Giant Ice Fish Cake On His 31st Birthday

grey seal receives giant ice fish cake
Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Yulelogs is one of the most beloved and oldest residents of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. He was rescued in 1989 by a marine park when he was a pup. However, he was released back to the sea when the park closed. Raised in an environment where he was solely dependent on humans, young Yulelogs struggled to live on his own. Three months after his release, the RSPCA has been receiving calls about a grey seal chasing people with buckets on the beach. Yulelogs might have thought that people holding buckets were there to feed him with fish.

seal celebrates birthday with giant ice fish cake
Cornish Seal Sanctuary


seal eats giant ice fish cake
Cornish Seal Sanctuary

When the RSPCA rescued the seal, they were shocked to discover that he was severely underweight. The animal rescue organization knew that the seal was in need of care. So, they sent him to Cornish Seal Sanctuary to be taken good care of. Yulelogs has been living happily in the sanctuary for years since then. And when he turned 31 this year, the sanctuary decided to celebrate the milestone by giving him a giant fish cake.


“Yulelogs absolutely loved his birthday cake,” Georgina Shannon, the marketing and media coordinator for the sanctuary, said. “It’s a great form of enrichment for him also, as it requires a bit of thinking on how to get the fish out of the cake!”

seal celebrates birthday cornish sanctuary
Cornish Seal Sanctuary


People fell in love with Yulelogs and how he happily accepted his birthday treat

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