The “Deep Space” Activity Chair Helps Babies Have Fun With The Solar System

Space is always a fascinating subject for kids (and grown-ups too) because it’s something they’re naturally interested in. So, why not let your infant discover the wonders of space at an early age with the help of this cute baby activity chair? This chair doesn’t only provide a comfortable seat for your little tot but it also offers an exciting play-space where they can learn about outer space.

This space-themed chair features a removable padded tray right in front of your baby. The tray has plenty of toys in the shapes of planets, stars, a sun, a galaxy, a rocket ship, an astronaut and some aliens. These built-in toys would surely keep your curious child active and stimulated. The giant sun, for example, is a squishy toy that makes a squeaky sound when squished. Moreover, the planets can be partially opened to reveal some of their secrets. They can find some aliens hiding behind planets Jupiter and Neptune. And a human astronaut hiding inside the planet Earth.


Space-Themed Baby Activity Chair

space-themed baby activity chair

Additionally, the rocket ship also slides up and down to add more fun to the activity chair. And they’ll be surprised to see a tiny circular mirror behind planet Venus. The fun-filled tray is designed to help stimulate your infant’s senses. Take note that a baby begins to experience new awareness through sight, touch and sound. Your baby can interact with the openable planets and the movable rocket ship to develop their tactile sensory. The squeakers and rattles could help them develop their auditory perception while the colorful design could help improve their visual sense.

space-inspired baby activity chair


deep space baby activity chair


deep space removable tray openable planets


baby activity chair built-in toys


deep space comfy seat for infants openable planets

Not only does this activity chair provides endless hours of fun and play. Its unique and exclusive construction is designed to help your baby sit upright. Furthermore, its built-in waist harness will keep your infant into place. The seat, harness and the outer layer are made with 100% cotton while the fill is made from 100% polyester. It measures 22 inches wide and 13 inches high, ideal for infants 3 to 9 months of age. Since the tray is removable, you can also use it separately for entertainment during your baby’s tummy time. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This is a great interactive learning activity for your baby! Helps baby with senses such as sight, hearing and touch. It is light and can be used portable anywhere in the home! Really great buy!”

deep space comfy seat for infants


baby activity chair kid interaction


infant seat padded tray space-themed


baby activity chair with waist harness


infant seat with removable tray

Source: Crate and Barrel