Sheena Liam Creates Beautiful 3D Embroidery That ‘Leaps Off The Page’

Embroidery is an art enjoyed by many. Some people have the misconception that it is an easy thing to master but we assure you that it is not! It takes a great level of skill and talent to create great pieces. Here we present the impressive works of artist and fashion model Sheena Liam.

It’s safe to say that Sheena’s work is wonderfully unique and we haven’t seen anything like it before! Take a look below to see some awesome examples of her work, they really make us want to give embroidery a try!

Isn’t it incredible how Sheena has mastered 3D embroidery? It’s beautiful how she has perfectly captured the way that hair flows. 

We couldn’t even do these hairstyles in real life, let alone through embroidery

Personally, we find Sheena’s work somewhat mysterious and endearing. We want to know more about the girls depicted in each piece. 

It’s comes as no surprise that Sheena’s current amount of followers on Instagram is 70k. 

If you like what you have seen, be sure to check out Sheena’s Instagram to see even more of her impressive pieces!

Source: Instagram