People Have Started Creating ‘Fake Human Laps’ For Their Clingy Cats To Sit On

A London couple found a clever way to trick their clingy cat by making fake human laps for her to sit on. When it comes to behaviors, cats can either be aloof or clingy. Felines, including domestic cats, are typically independent creatures. Their unsociable character is just a part of their lingering wildness that is passed on through their genes. But this doesn’t mean that all domestic cats will grow up being detached from their owners. Newborn kitties that are used to early nurturing from their humans tend to grow up completely dependent on them. Adopted cats, on the other hand, can be aloof and are quick to retreat from being touched.

But then again, even adopted cats can easily adapt to their new environment. This is the case with Ziggy, a 10-year-old rescue cat that was adopted by Rebecca May and her husband from a London shelter. Just like any newly adopted cats, Ziggy was shy at first. But when she started bonding with her owners, she began to tolerate some cuddles and snuggles from them. And the one thing that she loves the most is to sit on their laps. Whenever Ziggy finds her owners, she would go on their laps and sit on for hours.


This couple adopted Ziggy three years ago

rebecca may and husband with ziggy
Rebecca May

Being clingy is a rare behavior in cats and the couple wasn’t bothered with Ziggy’s clinginess at first. However, it became a problem when both Rebecca and her husband started working from home. Obviously, having a kitty sitting on your lap can make it a little difficult to get some work done. So, Rebecca’s husband thought of a brilliant idea to keep their cat off their laps. And that’s how the fake human laps were conceived.


Ziggy is a clingy cat that loves to sit on her owners’ laps

ziggy loves to sit on owner lap
Rebecca May


ziggy the cat loves sitting on lap
Rebecca May

Ziggy surely loves to lounge on human laps. Does she find human thighs as a comfortable cushion to sit on? Or is it the cozy human warmth emanating from the lap that she finds so irresistible? Rebecca’s husband took these details into consideration in making fake human laps that looked as real as the real thing.

So, Rebecca’s husband took a pair of trousers and stuffed them with a duvet cover and towel to mimic a pair of human legs. Then he placed a pair of shoes beneath the pants to make it more realistic. As for the human warmth emulation, he inserted a heating pad inside the lap part.


Ziggy loves her fake human laps

cat loves to sit on fake human laps
Rebecca May

When Rebecca saw the fake human lap, she initially thought it was just a practical joke to make her laugh. She found the thing creepy instead and she was sure that Ziggy won’t be fooled by it. But boy, she was wrong! When Ziggy saw the thing, she sat on it without hesitation and stayed there for hours. And for Rebecca’s husband, it was a mission accomplished. The couple then went on to make more fake human laps to give their needy kitty more options.

cat sitting on fake human laps
Rebecca May

Rebecca decided to share her husband’s awesome life hack on Reddit. She posted a photo of Ziggy comfortably sitting on one of their fake human laps. And people who also have clingy cats loved the idea. The post became viral and looks like people will be creating their own versions too.

ziggy sitting on fake human laps

Source: Reddit