20 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Or Broken Things Around Your Home – Part 1


It can be pretty heartbreaking when you break something you love. Well, never fear, because there's plenty you can do with your broken items instead of throwing them away. Once you read up on these amazing tips, you will never want throw away a broken wine glass, a dinner plate, an umbrella, or broken jewelry again. Check out our collection below to give you some inspiration or ideas of what to do with broken items.

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15 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Or Broken Things Around Your Home – Part 2


Re-use your broken jewelry to make pretty magnets. Instructions here.


Or use broken jewelry and a piece of driftwood to create a pretty mobile, like this one.


Make gorgeous, decorated bobby pins with the beads of broken necklaces or bracelets. Simply glue the beads to the pin with super glue.


Put some real effort in and make a simply spectacular piece of 'recycled' jewelry. Instructions here.


Create a fastening for things like chip packets with the clips from broken pants hangers.


Use bits and pieces of broken crockery for the bottom of planters, to help with drainage.


Broken plates? Use them as garden edging.


Utilize glasses with broken stems as outdoor plant candle holders.



Transform old, used-up Crayola markers into watercolors. Simply soak in a jar of water for 12-24 hours. 


Transform an old, broken pair of flip flops into a more comfortable and fashionable shoe. Use an old t-shirt to make the straps. Instructions here.


MMelt down the ends of used-up or broken crayons to create new, multi-colored ones. Simply melt them on the stove and pour into old prescription bottles or film canisters. 


Or melt broken or used-up crayons into an empty glue-stick container, for a unique, twist-up crayon.


If you don't feel like making new crayons from old or broken ones, you can try making this awesome candle from them, instead. Instructions here.


You can even make these cute little bottle cap tea lights. Instructions here.


You can create a bag from a broken umbrella. Instructions here.


Or, also with a broken umbrella, you can create a cool, kids' parachute. Instructions here.


Transform a broken table into two desks. Instructions here.


Create handy plant or herb markers out of broken terracotta pots.


Or, if you are feeling particularly artistic, you can fashion a micro-garden from those broken pots.


Use broken egg shells to create wonderful dyed tea lights. Instructions here.

Check out part 2 below!
15 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Or Broken Things Around Your Home – Part 2