This Log Carrying Bag Makes Firewood Collecting A Breeze

Gather wood for your campfire and carry it all at once without breaking your back with this durable log carrying bag. A campfire is an essential feature of camping. It creates the heat needed to keep you warm, cook food and boil water. Furthermore, a campfire provides light and comfort while the mesmerizing dancing flames create a warm ambiance for bonding and conversation. But of course, you’ll need to have lots of firewood to build a campfire and to keep the fire going as long as you like.

Needless to say, gathering firewood is a crucial part of camping. And if you want to save your fingers and your back from the toil of carrying bundles of wood with your hands then you really need to get this convenient bag. This firewood carrier features a no-end walls design to let you load and carry stacks of firewood the easy way. You can now harvest logs from the woods and bring them to the campsite at once without dirtying your hands and clothing. Handling big loads of firewood has never been this easy and neat.


This Bag Is Perfect For Camping

canvas firewood carrier camping

This large bag is made of heavy duty waxed canvas fabric which is resistant to water, dirt and wear. It measures 44 inches tall and 21 inches wide which is significantly larger than most canvas firewood carriers available on the market. A tote carrier as big as this can fit and handle 50 or more pounds of logs without tearing. So, you can collect more wood in one go and make fewer trips to the woods and back to the campsite.

log bag


canvas firewood carrier waterproof


canvas log bag

This heavy duty bag has reinforced cross-stitched real leather handles with padding to save your fingers when carrying heavy loads of firewood. With its 6.7 inches high handles, this bag helps lighten the burden of carrying wood with just using your arms alone. Not just for camping, this firewood carrier is also perfect for getting the logs from the outdoor pile to your indoor fireplace. The waterproof tote bag can be set down in the snow or rain so you can use it during the coldest and harshest weather.

log bag leather handles


log bag canvas fireplace


log bag indoor outdoor

This bag has a shape that can also hold wood chips while keeping any mess off your floors. When not in use, simply fold the canvas tote compactly for storage. It is available in colors green and khaki. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I like this carrier bag a lot. The size is perfect! A decent pile of logs can be piled in and carried with ease. After several years of use, this log carrier has withstood the test of time. Quality material and well made. I regularly carry a full bag of oak logs which are quite heavy. No rips, no tears! I highly recommend this log carrier.”

canvas firewood carrier green


firewood carrier waxed canvas

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