Spurs Exist That Attach To The Back Of Your Crocs

Take your favorite pair of foam clogs up a notch by adding these Croc Spurs. And bring out the cowboy (or cowgirl) in you as you flaunt your Wild West spirit. Don’t forget to greet everyone you meet with a lively ‘Howdy, partner!’ As the name suggests, these attachments are designed to easily clip to the strap of your Croc shoes. If you love wearing Crocs then you can make your shoes even more interesting by attaching these eye-catching accessories.

The spurs are plastic with a clip-on attachment. These fit the full size range of the regular Croc Clog. Take note that the Crocs are not included with the accessory. So, you’ll need to have an existing pair of regular Crocs to use these shoe attachments. Designed for regular Crocs, this clip-on accessory won’t fit on models with wider straps such as the All-Terrain and Yukon Vista.


Croc Spurs

croc spurs

Although the spurs aren’t metal, these accessories do rotate just like the real thing. Furthermore, they also make the same clacking sound when you’re walking to make you feel like you’re wearing actual spurs on your shoes. If you’re not the biggest fan of these popular foam clogs, these fun attachments will make you want to rethink your opinion of them.

These accessories might even convince you to wear your unused Crocs that you received for Christmas. Although it is heavily advertised as a Crocs attachment, you can use it on other brands of sandals as long as it fits on the strap.

foam clogs cowboy attachment


croc spurs plastic


foam clogs cowboy clip on


cowboy-inspired clogs attachment


croc spurs rotating

The trendy spurs are available in colors black, white, silver, copper and marble. If you want other colors then you may message the shop to discuss your customization details. So if you’re ready to join in the trend, get your own spurs now to spice up your boring foam clogs. One happy customer wrote:

“Bought these for my boyfriend but when they came, I took the initiative and decided they would be best on my Crocs haha. They are so awesome and comical. I love the attention they bring and the tiny clack sound. Makes me feel like I kinda have my cowboy boots on.”

croc spurs plastic attachments


croc spurs clip on attachment


cowboy-inspired clogs attachment clack sound


croc spurs silver


cowboy-inspired clogs clip on accessories

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Source: Etsy